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woman with gorgeous booty in swimsuit
Everything BUTT: Celebrate Anal August
Woman's booty in watermelon float in pool
Nothing BUTT Pleasure: Celebrate Anal August
Illustration of a witchy woman riding a man on an Esse Chaise
Halloween Kinksters: Leather Accessories for Sinfully Carnal Costumes
Sexy woman on top of Aria Convertible Chaise
All About The Aria Convertible Sex Chaise
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Meet Me In The Library: Engaging your mind for hotter sex
Scoop Rocker Valkyrie Edition
Lustful Living: Create Your Own Erotic Playground, Part Two
Wedge Ramp Combo
Top 10 Sex Wedge & Ramp Positions You Need to Try Now
Succion 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking and Licking and G-Spot Vibrator
Product Review: The Seductive Succion by Honey Play Box
Summer of Sex
Summer of Sex: Transform Your Summer Getaway with Liberator
Summer of Sex: Sizzling Lifestyle Clubs and Resorts You MUST Visit This Summer
Summer of Sex: Sizzling Lifestyle Clubs and Resorts You MUST Visit This Summer
Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part One
Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part One
Recharge the Kitty

Recharge the Kitty: A Candid Dive into Va-Ja-Nation

I decided to test out three treatments that promised to recharge my kitty: the O-Shot™, SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology, and the vFit Gold. These treatments were all about optimizing cellular health and regeneration, which sounded like just what the doctor ordered (pun intended, again).
sexy couple in lingerie in bed

How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part Two

You set the mood with How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part One. Now get ready to burn the house down with passion in How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part Two. Our sensual, seductive plans including games, toys and roleplaying will have you both breathless and spent by the end of the night.
Woman holding up a felt heart and holding man's head against her own

How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part One

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? We have perfectly planned solutions for an outstanding Valentine staycation. Get ready to go beyond roses and chocolates, and blow minds with passionate, seductive scenes. Show your lover just how much you love and lust for them!
Man pinning a woman holding a wine glass on a kitchen counter

Sugar & Spice: Stimulate More than the Taste Buds this Thanksgiving

Did you know that the traditional Thanksgiving meal (the one that every mom in America loves to cook) has the potential to get us in the mood? That’s because a many of the ingredients that go into making that fabulous turkey-day feast are known to be natural aphrodisiacs.
Sex While Pregnant

Necessity is the Mother of Pleasure: Sex While Pregnant

Food during pregnancy was delicious. But my cravings for sex were through the roof. Having sex made me feel emotionally grounded and powerful. My insatiable appetite for sex while pregnant also made for some intense orgasms. Coming made me realize just how powerful I truly was.
Two hands tying red rope

Performance Arts: An Introductory Guide to Western Rope Bondage

For some people, it's about the struggle to get free, while others enjoy the sense of surrender. However, the one thing that is most loved about rope bondage is that it is multi-functional. Not only does it keep someone immobilized, it can also be a beautifully captivating body adornment or it can be used to create pleasurable pressure points.
Woman putting on a silver open-toed shoe

Frisky Feet: A Guide to Foot Worship

There a lot men that enjoy giving their partner a gentle foot massage after a long days work or a helping hand with a pedicure. But that’s not who we’re talking about. The men we’re talking about are the avid enthusiast’s for anything south of the ankle. Relying solely on foot worship to enhance their own arousal.
Hands of an off-camera man pulling down a woman's swimsuit top

Squeeze Box: A Guide to Heavenly Breast Play

Each pair of boobs are unique and the women that come with them are just as different. Just because something has worked with one partner in the past, doesn’t mean the same will work for your next partner.
Brunette woman lying on a Liberator Hipster

Big Love: Sex on the Plus Side

I'm an unapologetic and sexy woman who weighs 300 lbs, has 60-inch hips, large voluptuous breasts, and a deliciously curvy apple-shaped ass. My body is healthy, beautiful and strong, and to celebrate it, I have copious amounts of sex with the man who loves every single inch of me. Our sex life is ahhhmazing (especially the foreplay) but due to my larger stature, we're limited to few position options.
POV of someone sitting atop a tall building looking down on a city with skyscrapers and a body of water

Mind over Batter: The Benefits of Edging and Delayed Pleasure

The benefits of edging certainly do outweigh the delay of orgasms. Our resident sex expert, Adam Gates take you on a personal journey of his edging experience and explains how you can control the mind over batter.
A man lying on a Liberator Esse Chaise as a woman stands over his face

Taking Her to O-town: Top 5 Positions for Female Orgasm

Other than taking time to warm her up with oral, there are a few sex positions that leave your bodies open for clitoral stimulation with your hand or toys. So in the spirit of celebrating the female orgasm, here are 5 of the top carnal classics that will ensure she always hit the high notes.
A man positioned on top of a woman on the back of a Liberator Esse Chaise

The Esse Chaise Position Guide

nspired by the female form, this elegantly crafted chaise enhances sexual positioning. With soft sensuous curves and dips, the Esse Chaise guides and supports pelvic angling so that you can achieve incredible access and sensations.