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woman with gorgeous booty in swimsuit
Everything BUTT: Celebrate Anal August
Woman's booty in watermelon float in pool
Nothing BUTT Pleasure: Celebrate Anal August
Illustration of a witchy woman riding a man on an Esse Chaise
Halloween Kinksters: Leather Accessories for Sinfully Carnal Costumes
Sexy woman on top of Aria Convertible Chaise
All About The Aria Convertible Sex Chaise
Couple kissing
Meet Me In The Library: Engaging your mind for hotter sex
Scoop Rocker Valkyrie Edition
Lustful Living: Create Your Own Erotic Playground, Part Two
Wedge Ramp Combo
Top 10 Sex Wedge & Ramp Positions You Need to Try Now
Succion 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking and Licking and G-Spot Vibrator
Product Review: The Seductive Succion by Honey Play Box
Summer of Sex
Summer of Sex: Transform Your Summer Getaway with Liberator
Summer of Sex: Sizzling Lifestyle Clubs and Resorts You MUST Visit This Summer
Summer of Sex: Sizzling Lifestyle Clubs and Resorts You MUST Visit This Summer
Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part One
Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part One
Man holding out towel wrapped around his waist pointing his smartphone camera at his crotch

Polaroid Python: Master the Dick Pic, Part 2

Elevate your sexting game with “Master the Dick Pic, Part 2"! We're back with a bang, dishing out saucy secrets and scandalous tips. From perfect angles that accentuate your best asset to creative lighting that sets the mood, this guide will transform your nudes into quicksand thirst traps.
Recharge the Kitty

Recharge the Kitty: A Candid Dive into Va-Ja-Nation

I decided to test out three treatments that promised to recharge my kitty: the O-Shot™, SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology, and the vFit Gold. These treatments were all about optimizing cellular health and regeneration, which sounded like just what the doctor ordered (pun intended, again).
sexy couple in lingerie in bed

How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part Two

You set the mood with How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part One. Now get ready to burn the house down with passion in How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part Two. Our sensual, seductive plans including games, toys and roleplaying will have you both breathless and spent by the end of the night.
Woman holding up a felt heart and holding man's head against her own

How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part One

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? We have perfectly planned solutions for an outstanding Valentine staycation. Get ready to go beyond roses and chocolates, and blow minds with passionate, seductive scenes. Show your lover just how much you love and lust for them!
Two men in underwear lying in bed with a Liberator Wedge under one man's leg

Our Most Intense Positions for Gay Couples

Even if you don't have a Liberator sex furniture, go ahead and try a few of these positions simply using a pillow. Now, imagine how much better sex will be with a product precisely angled and designed for delivering maximum sensation. Our supportive furniture-grade foam doesn't shift or deflate. You don't have to stop and re-fluff! It's a platform for your best performance yet.
Woman on her hands and knees with a Liberator Wedge under her stomach

The Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide

The subtle slope and firmness of the Wedge provides incredible support and lift to your sexual positions by deepening the angle of penetration. The precise angle also helps heighten sensations by accessing the G-spot. With our Liberator sex wedge position guide, you will also learn more about prolonging your oral sessions without causing a stiff neck.
Man and woman in the kitchen wearing Santa hats with a Christmas tree in the background

Sizzling Holiday Sex

Sex up the season with our pleasurable, playful plan for sizzling holiday sex, including a curated collection of erotic music, toys, shapes and furniture. You'll have that naughty elf moaning "ho, ho, ho" all the way.
Air Force Amy Liberator Sex Furniture

Air Force Amy: A Guide to having a Rewarding Sex Life with the Black Label Esse II

Because of my extensive background, education, and experience, Liberator has kindly invited me to talk about their sex products – namely, the Black Label Esse Chaise II – and I chose to elaborate on why they can be beneficial for people with injuries to get back in the saddle.
Naked man lifting the leg of a woman whose arms are around his neck

Fire & Spice: 9 Ways to Keep the Sexual Spark Alive

Sex is a lot like speaking a foreign language or playing a musical instrument, the more you have it, the more it becomes an integral your being. So, if you are beginning to experience the fizzle and it's time for a sexual re-swizzle.
Woman shown from the nose down with lipstick smeared across her face

Jedi Mouth Tricks: How to Amp Up Your Oral Sex Skills

Doing the same old, same old is going to get stale over time—even with blow jobs. Variety is the spice of any good sex life. Here are some ways you can add some oomph to oral sex.
Man on top of woman pulling her bra down

Pleased to Meet You: How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Partner

You don't have to be like Scarface and whip out all the goodies at once. Instead, take your time, and wait until you've had a few sessions under your belt before bringing up the idea of using sex toys together.
Man and woman facing each other in bed with their heads resting on their elbows

Pubic Relations: Negotiating Your Way To Better Sex

The reality to getting what you want with a new or existing partner is to talk openly about every aspect of your sex life. Here’s are ways to make negotiating better sex feel less like buying a car and more like discovering a hidden treasure.