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Fascinator Queen Waterproof Throw

Fascinator Waterproof Sex Blanket Queen
As low as $155.00
  • Sensational Upgrade – Explore the erotic arts with the Fascinator® Queen, a plush, velvety canvas that sets the stage for seduction and desire.
  • Unleash Imagination – Give in to the temptation of your deepest fantasies, from passionate period encounters to exhilarating watersports and luscious food play.
  • Squirters Spot – Designed to absorb every drop, the Fascinator Regular lets spirited squirters unleash their desires without worry.
  • Effortless Cleanup – Bid farewell to mess and interruptions as this secret-lined masterpiece effortlessly contains lubes and liquids, preventing them from soaking your linens or furniture.
  • Queen-sized Oasis – Unlike smaller options, this blanket covers the entire surface of a queen-sized bed, offering limitless potential for you and your lover.
  • Discreet Decor – Infuse your bedroom with discreet elegance as the Fascinator Queen complements your decor while preserving your sexy secrets.
  • Hassle-free Maintenance – After your fiery escapades, simply toss it in the machine for a quick wash and dry.

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Passion-proof Your Playtime

Upgrade your intimacy game with the Fascinator Queen. This isn't just any blanket – it's a soft, seductive canvas for your erotic arts. This plush, velvety luxury gives your unbridled passion room to roam.

The generous size of the Fascinator Queen invites you and your partner to explore, experiment, and experience ecstasy like never before. The size of the top of a queen-sized bed, it’s more expansive than our Fascinator Mini or Travel, giving you greater coverage and more possibilities. Plus, it blends discreetly with any bedding.

What makes this sex blanket so special? The Fascinator Queen has a secret superpower – it’s lined to absorb lubes and liquids effortlessly while the inner moisture barrier prevents fluids from seeping through. No more worrying about slippery situations, wet spots, or awkward pauses – just pure, unadulterated pleasure.

Shed your inhibitions and let your imagination run wild. Messy is good. Period sex, watersports, food play – the Fascinator Queen is game for everything. For spirited squirters, your floods are no match against this waterproof wonder. So you can focus on pleasure and spontaneity, not cleanup.

When the fun is done, you'll appreciate the simplicity of it all. Toss your Fascinator into the machine for a quick wash and dry. Voilà, it's ready for round two! No more sleeping in wet spots or scrubbing stained upholstery, just pure pleasure without the hassle.

Throw down this sex blanket whenever you want an impromptu romp or have a wild evening planned. Your bedding and decor will be covered and protected. Liberate your sex life with the Fascinator Queen, where there are no boundaries, no inhibitions – only limitless possibilities for creative lovemaking. 



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Fantastic Fluid Proof Protection



More Information
Fabric Details

Microvelvet - 100% polyester

LinerWater barrier
DimensionsRegular  72L x 54W | King  80L x 76W | Travel  53L x 36W | Mini  36L x 26W
PackagingDiscreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box
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