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Liberator Soothes US Soldiers in Afghanistan

Ladies & Gentlemen at Liberator,

I have just returned home with my unit after a yearlong deployment to Afghanistan (July 2010 - July 2011), and I would like to thank you for helping to make the year more enjoyable. I am a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot in C Company, 3-4 Assault Helicopter Battalion, the Warriors, and we flew under the callsign "Liberator" for the entire year. Before deploying, our commander showed us a list of callsigns to choose from. Most of us instantly recognized the Liberator callsign, and told him that was the name of a sex toy, advising against it. To this day though, I can't even remember any of the other options.

From the moment we began flying missions under our new callsign, it was obvious that most of us, but not all, knew of your sex furniture, and using the Liberator callsign brought some levity to our missions. We have a binder with the information that we use for each flight, and most of us put it on the dashboard of our helicopter while we fly. I'm a bit ashamed that it wasn't until February that I came up with a cover page to put in our binders before each flight, which played on our callsign. I logged my first of many flights using a Liberator binder cover on 18 February, 2011. I made one for each of our different callsigns missions. I logged almost 200 hours of combat flight with the Liberator logo in my windshield, and between the other pilots that flew with it, there's at least another 1500 combat flight hours. We flew everything from routine movements and complex air assaults, to life saving medevac missions, with the Liberator covers sitting front and center.

I am enclosing my "Liberator 23" binder cover (the first one I flew with), signed by as many crewmembers as I could find to sign it, and pictures of myself and some of the other guys that flew with me. As I said earlier, we all enjoyed flying under the Liberator callsign, despite our inital concerns.

On a side note, after finding multiple rave reviews across the web, I decided as a personal deployment gift, to purchase your ramp/wedge combo for my wife and I. I ordered it around Valentine's Day, and we received it several months before I arrived back home. Since I arrived home, suffice to say, we have both been very happy with the purchase, and look forward to buying from you again.

Once again, thank you for boosting my unit's morale through, what for some, proved to be a pretty trying deployment. And if you get any orders placed by Afghani locals, I think maybe we should get some credit for marketing.

CW3 Andy Foreman