Liberator 6th Annual Lusty Lit Erotic Fiction Contest

Art, Literature October 9, 2019

Dust off that unused word-processor put your pervy mind to work. Celebrate the art of erotic literature with the 6th Annual Liberator Lusty Lit Erotic Fiction Contest. Submit your short story by December 15th 2019 for a chance at winning a $1,000 shopping spree on the Liberator website.

Liberator UnzIpped Blog Sex Toy Introduction

Pleased to Meet You: How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Partner

Advice & How Tos August 2, 2019

You don’t have to be like Scarface and whip out all the goodies at once. Instead, take your time, and wait until you’ve had a few sessions under your belt before bringing up the idea of using sex toys together.

Quick start guide to anal sex

A Quickstart Guide to Enjoyable Anal Sex

Advice & How Tos, Sex January 3, 2019

No need to worry. We’ve got the art of having enjoyable and pleasurable anal sex down to a science. With our quickstart guide to anal sex, you will feel more confident and eager having that thing going in and out of there more than once.

Sex Furniture from Liberator

Expect the Unexpected with Liberator Sex Furniture

Liberator Reviews, Positions, Sex November 15, 2016

Sex is the glue that helps bond couples together but sex furniture is what creates the bond that keeps us going back for more. No matter how many times you have been with your partner, sex furniture is the spice that will keep your partnership saucy.

Liberator Sex Furniture

Kinky Home Companion: Decorating with Liberator Sex Furniture

Advice & How Tos, Liberator Reviews, Reviews July 16, 2016

Home decor, like fashion, is about expressing your individuality. But decorating in a limited amount of space can be challenging. Liberator sex furniture is all about inspiring couples to think outside the box and works just as well for creating a space that is both intimate and multi-functional.

Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow

The Sweet Spot: Getting to Know the Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow

Advice & How Tos, Positions, Sex February 18, 2016

In order to fully appreciate the benefits of any type of sex furniture, one has to understand it takes more than one try to find your sweet spot. Here are some of the things we learned about incorporating the Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow into our regular sexual repertoire and why we took our own sweet time doing so!

year in sex review 2019

Liberator: Year in Sex Review 2019

Sex December 27, 2019

Sex makes the world go around and in 2019, there was plenty of sex to be had around the globe. From public displays of “affection” to innovative sex toys to scandals beyond belief, this year of chock full of sexy tidbits.

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019

Liberator Lusty Lit 2019: The Doghouse

Art, Literature December 19, 2019

“Effortlessly, he moved across her stomach and over her delicate labia. His strokes were slow and steady. She leaned her head up against his face and let out a soft murmur. He turned her around to allow the water to slide the suds down the drain.”