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Nothing BUTT Pleasure: Celebrate Anal August

Woman's booty in watermelon float in pool
Nothing BUTT Pleasure: Celebrate Anal August

Are you ready to enter the gates of booty bliss? We’re back with Nothing Butt Pleasure, part two of our Anal August adventures. In Everything BUTT: Celebrate Anal August , you got prepped and set the stage. Now, you’ve got a backstage pass for incredible anal sex. Time for the show!

Explore that Bootylicious Backdoor

You’re lubed up. You’ve got a toy-mounted wand. You have condoms ready to go. So what position do you try? Everyone is built differently, so I’m not going to profess that one position is far superior to the others. Anal has different comfort zones, physically and mentally. Doggy style gives a lot of power to the top, which subs might like. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl can be really hot too. Whatever position you start with, go slow, check in with your partner, and revel in the heady sensations. Peep the illustrations below to figure out what hot pretzel shapes might appeal to you. 

*Newbie Tip: It might take a few tries to achieve full penetration, especially to relax and enjoy anal sex. Deep breathing really helps. Go as slowly as you need to. Good communication here is essential, so guide your partner with updates.

Classic Spoon

Looking for gentle, intimate penetration? Lie on your side with your lover behind you, both facing the same direction. They can enter you at your own pace.

Doggy Style

This crowd-pleaser offers deep penetration and easy access. Get on all fours, and let your lover bang the bussy. Use a Wedge or BonBon Toy Mount to prop your hips up for better alignment.



Couple doing doggy style on BonBon sex toy mountCouple doing doggy style on BonBon sex toy mount
BonBon Sex Toy Mount


Take control and ride your partner in this empowering position. Sit on top of them, using a Wedge for support, facing them, and control the depth and pace of penetration.

Woman riding a man propped up on a WedgeWoman riding a man propped up on a Wedge
Wedge Sex Shape

Reverse Cowgirl

Feeling adventurous? Face away from your lover while they lay on their back. Straddle them on an Esse Valkyrie Edition and control the action.

Woman riding a cuffed man reverse cowgirl style on the Esse Valkyrie EditionWoman riding a cuffed man reverse cowgirl style on the Esse Valkyrie Edition
Esse Valkyrie Edition

Mating Press

This position offers a very intense experience. Lie on your back with your hips elevated, resting your feet on your lover’s shoulders. Shapes like the Jaz allow for deeper penetration and targeted stimulation.

Man on top doing the mating press on the womanMan on top doing the mating press on the woman
Jaz Sex Cushion

Stand and Deliver

Going for the gusto? Try this standing position. Lean against a sturdy surface, such as a wall, table or the Beso Bondage Chair, and have your lover enter you from behind.

Man doing standing doggy position behind his female lover on Beso Bondage Chair Man doing standing doggy position behind his female lover on Beso Bondage Chair
Beso Bondage Chair

I’ve found that adding a powerful wand massagers to a toy mount can give you delicious clitoral stimulation that vibrates the entire perineum while you have anal. Trust me on the toy mount – it’s really difficult to hold the wand under you while someone's pounding your ass!

Most of all, remember that the key is to explore, communicate, and find what works best for both you and your boo. Don’t be afraid to switch positions or take breaks if needed.

Anal Aftercare

Man and Woman cuddling after anal sexMan and Woman cuddling after anal sex
Anal Aftercare

BDSM enthusiasts know that after an intense experience with your partner – you NEED aftercare. For booty beginners, this is an especially good idea, because anal is very intense early on. You want nothing butt pleasure. Bask in the afterglow, spend time holding or caressing your partner, and talk to them about the experience. Some people feel guilt and shame or have worked through past trauma to try anal. It takes courage to address these feelings and the huge benefit of opening up is a much deeper connection with your lover.

Stamp Out Stigmas

There are lots of stigmas to combat too. Men worry that they might be gay if they like ass play or anal sex, while women worry that they will be called sluts if they enjoy anal. Neither of these ideas has any merit. You’re simply exploring these sensations. 

Keep It Clean

Pee after so you can get rid of any lingering bacteria that might have traveled a bit. You’ll also likely need a shower after to wash off all the lube. Believe me — anal lubes are very slick and require hot, soapy water to remove. Soaking in a hot bath can also relieve any lingering soreness. 

Posterior Postgame

Remember to discuss what you really enjoyed (or disliked) about the experience. Maybe he really enjoyed reverse cowboy or you loved spooning. Or you really loved rimming, but not finger play so much. Great communication increases the likelihood of having more awesome anal sex. Ditto for listening to your lover during the act if they say stop and you halt the activities. Consideration, love, and kindness should always be in your bedroom vernacular. 

Derriere Details 

O-Ring Orgasms

The more you know, the more enjoyable butt sex can be! During anal, your focus should be on pleasure, not an orgasm. And no matter what you’re equipped with, it is possible to have an anal orgasm. For some vagina owners, it is the only way they orgasm. And for prostate owners, stimulating it can lead to massive full-body orgasms.

Tush Toys

If you use anal toys, only use toys with a wide flange for safe play. Unlike the vagina, the anal canal is open, which is why there are so many hilarious ER horror stories of items lost in people’s butts. Start small and work your way up to stretch the anal canal before anal sex (works like a charm!). Anal plugs come in a variety of sizes for this very reason, so you don’t have to start with a Bad Dragon monster butt plug. (b-Vibe has lots of options, including vibrating and weighted plugs for different sensations.) You’d be surprised at how much your boohole can stretch.

No Big Booty Deal

Queefing is completely natural and okay. Be mentally prepared. Air gets forced into the canal during penetration and it has to escape. Anal definitely teaches you to laugh at yourself in certain situations. Don’t obsess over the smell or poop factor. Anyone who engages in ass play or anal sex should be well aware of the potential. Is Aunt Flo visiting? Anal sex can lessen the pain of cramping (period sex in general helps). 

No A2M!

Gonna say this LOUD for the dummies in the back….No Ass to Mouth! You could get E. Coli or any number of other unpleasant infections. Porn stars do it because they prep extensively. Also, going Anus to Vagina can result in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. So Vagina to Anus = OK. Anus to Vagina = NOPE. Not to get too medical but, anal sex has a higher risk of STIs because of microtears in the thin, fragile tissue. Treat that tush with care!

Bussy Business

Don’t use porn as your how-to guide. Porn stars do a lot more prep work to be poop-free. They do multiple enemas, fast before shoots, shave, bleach, wax, and take anti-diarrhea meds. Hot Kinky Jo is a consummate professional – that’s why she can stick a 3-foot-long double-ended dildo up her ass. Real people have real bodies and real limitations. Porn stars are like the Olympic athletes of the sex world. So don’t worry about comparing yourself to them or expecting that level of intensity and performance. Figure out your own comfort zone and pace yourself.


Check out the amazing Anal Academy at B-Vibe if you need more comprehensive info about anal. (I talked about it in Everything BUTT.) Truly, they have every resource you need for anal exploration.

Nothing BUTT Pleasure

Anal sex is still somewhat taboo, but let’s face the booty: lots of people have it and LOVE it. We are lucky to have phenomenal sex education at the tips of our fingers these days, not just locker room rumors and purloined nudie mags (young adults of the world, you have no idea how hard it was once to seek and find this information). I hope you’ll use this guide to forge your own path through the dark side. I’ve only covered what I consider to be essential knowledge to continue your journey. Go forth, be safe, be considerate, and enjoy that BEAUTIFUL BOOTY!

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