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Esse Valkyrie Edition Tantric Sex Chaise

Esse Valkyrie Edition Tantric Sex Chaise
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Female model on Esse Valkyrie edition
Esse Valkyrie Edition Tantric Sex Chaise

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    • Innovative touch fastener system makes bondage play effortless
    • Bondage tabs stick anywhere along the sides and include clip-on connectors and D-rings
    • Dual-tone design available in decor colors seamlessly blend with any room’s aesthetic
    • Included headrest and mini-scoop allow for unlimited versatility in sexual positioning
    • Sophisticated design easily adorns your living space as an elegant lounger

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    Go Deeper. Get Connected. Indulge in the Esse Valkyrie Edition

    Discover the ergonomic artistry of the Esse Valkyrie Edition – where luxury meets passion. With its gracefully flowing curves, the Esse Valkyrie Edition offers more than just a stunning addition to a bedroom. Its mesmerizing dual-tone design, available in six exquisite colors, seamlessly blends with and elevates any room's aesthetic.

    Unveiling an innovative touch fastener system, the Valkyrie Edition secures your partner with unparalleled ease and precision, transforming an ordinary night into an evening of desire and allure. The included headrest and Mini-Scoop allow for unlimited versatility in sexual positions and will inspire you to master the Kama Sutra (or at least try).

    For moments of discretion or a subtle nod to luxury, the bondage tabs and restraints can be effortlessly removed. What remains is a sophisticated chaise, ready to adorn your living space as an elegant lounger, capturing the attention and admiration of every onlooker.

    Why settle for the ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary? The Esse Valkyrie Edition is an investment in your relationship, deepening connections, revitalizing passion, and filling your nights with unparalleled ecstasy.

    Because in the world of passion and luxury, Liberator is the gold standard. And with the Esse Valkyrie Edition, your relationship isn't just strengthened—it's transformed. 

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    SizeOne Size
    Fabric Details

    Microfiber / Velvet Loop

    CoverMachine Washable Microfiber
    Dimensions64" x 24" x 24" | Height at Head: 23" | Height at Center: 9.5" | Height at Foot: 16.5"
    PackagingDiscreet packaging - shipped in plain, unmarked brown box; Eco-friendly - Roll-compressed for a smaller carbon footprint
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