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Liberator Leather

Liberator Leather
Liberator Leather

Conceptualized and constructed by our in-house designers, Liberator Leather produces refined, show-stopping leather pieces for wild erotic play. Think Kink.

Conceptualized and constructed with care by our in-house designers, Liberator Leather produces show-stopping leather pieces that bring refinement and flair to erotic play. By combining the highest quality leather with artisanal craftsmanship, our lovely leather collection delights in both sight and sensation.

When it comes to your sex life, Liberator believes in breaking from the norm and making sex feel invigorating and exciting with premium leather bondage gear. For couples looking to explore everything that bondage play has to offer, having an adventurous attitude, along with some exciting fetish inspired products from the Liberator LeatherWorks Collection can enable you and your partner to experience new heights of pleasure. Our bondage experts are dedicated to crafting the highest quality fetish gear. No matter where you fall on the spectrum between pleasure and pain, this handcrafted bondage and BDSM products are designed for curious beginners, all the way to seasoned pros. If you are new to fetish play---whips, paddles, and floggers are perfect toys for adding a touch of delightful pain with some light teasing. To make your playmate immobile, you can incorporate a sexy pair expertly crafted leather wrist or ankle cuffs and anchor them to a bedpost. Adding a blindfold can offer your lover an enhanced sensory experience. Liberator LeatherWorks combines the beauty of leather with exceptional aesthetic detailing. Offering an array of alluring textures, patterns, and colors, each piece is crafted endure during the most intense play sessions and designed to fit into any scenario. When it’s time to add a touch of kink into the bedroom, Liberator Leatherworks bondage gear is there to set the tone.

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