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Tiko Collar by Liberator Leather

Tiko Collar by Liberator Leather
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  • Embrace the allure of the Tiko Leather Collar, where craftsmanship becomes seductive artistry.
  • Twin O-rings fuse opulence and practicality, inviting you to explore intimate moments and daring desires.
  • Indulge in comfort with the adjustable buckle, as contrasting rivets trace elegance and passion.
  • Elevate your experience by combining it with the matching leash, creating an entrancing interplay of power dynamics.
  • Tiko unveils a world of hidden fantasies and seductive power play, shared only by the initiated.

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Collar Your Lover

Unveil a world of lavish restraint with the Tiko Leather Collar, an exquisite embodiment of allure and intrigue. This isn't just any risqué accoutrement – it's a portal to transforming discipline into indulgence. Handcrafted from the finest latigo leather, its touch whispers promises of opulence against your skin. Twin heavy-duty O-rings grace its contours, a design that merges decadence with functionality, seamlessly melding the realms of intimate exploration and daring revelry.

The artistry extends to the intricate details - an adjustable buckle that caresses the nape of your neck, ensuring hours of comfort during your journey of sensual self-discovery. Meticulously placed rivets ensure durability and elevate even the most passionate encounters. For those who revel in a complete experience, pair this leather masterpiece with a matching leash. With the Tiko Leather Collar, surrendering to your deepest fantasies becomes an act of erotic liberation – a dynamic dance of dominance and restraint that only you and your lover understand.

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Size24 in.
MaterialLatigo Leather
BrandLiberator LeatherWorks
Water ResistantNo