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Amsterdam BDSM 29" Riding Crop by Liberator Leather

Amsterdam BDSM 29" Riding Crop by Liberator Leather
As low as $19.99
  • Intense Impact Made Easy — Discover pleasure and pain in perfect harmony
  • Luxe Twisted Design — Enjoy effortless control for a breathtaking experience
  • Unleash Your Inner Dominant — Embrace your fantasies with enticing dom/sub play
  • Expertly Correct Misbehavior — Wield teasing taps to targeted stings
  • From Beginner to Bondage Aficionado — Experience thrilling sensations with each tantalizing swing

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Discover the alluring allure of the Amsterdam Riding Crop for BDSM from Liberator Leather, a tantalizing tool that beckons you into the heady world of impact play. Embrace the seductive power and pleasure of mixing dominance and submission as you wield this 29" riding crop.

Beginners and seasoned bondage aficionados alike will be enticed by the Amsterdam Crop's unique blend of intensity and accessibility. With its bite, it promises to unleash a world of thrilling experiences just waiting to be explored.

Crafted with both form and function in mind, this crop boasts a bumpy-textured handle and a convenient wrist loop, ensuring secure handling during the most intense impact sessions. Dominants will revel in the easy-grip luxury of the twisted design, using it to expertly correct any misbehavior.

The Amsterdam Crop's exquisite details elevate it to a new level of sophistication. A thin strip of leather graces its tip, delivering precise and stingy targeted hits that will send shivers of pleasure down your spine. The stylish bi-tonal braided shaft adds a touch of decadent allure to this alluring instrument of indulgence.

Unlock the door to a world of indulgence and depravity with the Amsterdam Riding Crop for BDSM from Liberator Leather. Surrender to the allure of power and pain, and embrace the ecstasy of impact play.


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Size24 in.
Water ResistantNo
Product TypeWhips & Teasers
5.00 6