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Dachsund wearing a hot dog costume

Spooky Nudes: Halloweiner Costume Contest Results [NSFW]

We couldn’t have asked for a better treat than viewing all your Halloween goodies, but three costumes stood out in particular. Congratulations to the very creative Halloweiners, and happy Halloween to all!
Green hand holding a smartphone depicting a mouth with fangs on the screen

Monster Mash: How Classic Monsters Would Screw You

Monsters are real. Not only are they real, but they’re also really horny—most monsters would much prefer to join you in bed than hide underneath it. But should you let them in your sheets? Well, that depends on the monster.
Two Tamagotchi-like devices with womens' butts on the screen

Artist Spotlight: The Cosmic Slut

Stripper shoes that host aquatic worlds within their platforms. Panty-clad booties, disembodied and floating in outer space. Alien women donning fishnets and strappy lingerie. Welcome to the world of The Cosmic Slut, an illustrator who creates “NSFW softcore artworks,” generally including a galactic twist. 
Text reading "Sexy Beasts of the Kama Sutra" on a background styled after Indian architecture

Sexy Beasts of the Kama Sutra

Most of us have heard musings about the Kama Sutra. We’ve seen the taboo illustrations and blushed over the overly complicated posturing wondering how we could ever manage to do that ourselves. Well guess what? You can! With the assistance of Liberator iconic Shapes and uniquely designed Sex Furniture you can master the seemingly impossible positions that lie within this classic text!
wasted pleasures

Wasted Pleasures: Erotic Illustrations by Luca Sorice

The Wasted Pleasures Insta page is eye-popping, to say the least. Frame-by-frame is electrifying, bubble-gum pink backgrounds punctuated with black line-art drawings.
Steve Diet Goedde Extempore

EXTEMPORE: Erotic Photography Book by Steve Diet Goedde

Extempore, a new erotic photography book by Steve Diet Goedde explores the more spontaneous and candid side between model and photographer. In many ways, Steve Diet Goedde is like a butterfly catcher and his camera is a net capturing extraordinary moments as well as the beauty and power women possess.
Liberator Holiday Artist 2018 Sir Render

Sir Render: Liberator Holiday Artist 2018

When searching for this year’s Liberator holiday artist we wanted a someone who embodies both sexuality, sensuality and visual strength. This year we found Sir Render, an artist who would represent the diversity of our brand through their artistic expression. His work is playfully erotic and bold along with being sensual. Plus it helps that it spread holiday cheer for everyone to enjoy!
Woman in a Santa hat sitting in front a fireplace and Christmas tree on a Wedge Ramp Combo

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and Liberator was in the house. Not a creature was stirring, except for my dom-slash-spouse. The plush cuffs were tied to the bedpost with care, in the hopes that my mistress soon would be there.
copyright: Stacy Leigh

Welcome to the Dollhouse: Photos by Stacy Leigh

The female sex doll has been around for decades. These days, however, synthetic dolls are taking on a life of their own. They can now talk and express emotions. Photographer Stacy Leigh examines the new horizons in sex with a captivating and unnerving series of mages inside an actual Barbie Dreamhouse.
Art gallery featuring a painting of a scantily-dressed cowgirl

Eye Candy: Sex Museums Around the World

Whether you're looking for something explicit, entertaining or educational, or all of the above, each of the following sex museums have an eclectic mix of pleasurable eye candy. Can't afford to travel? That's okay too. Don't let a little thing like visiting stand in your way. Many of these sex museums have interactive websites that let you indulge in private.
Chéri Hérouard

Sweet Surrender: Spanking Novels by Chéri Hérouard

Chéri Hérouard was ahead of the times and used the cultural attitudes as an inspiration to perfectly capture Parisian society participating on the fringe of sexual expression. Here's a tribute to the French illustrator and artist who was famous for creating sadomasochistic "spanking novels."
Frank Miersch

Masked: Fine Art Photography by Frank Miersch

Fetish photography is not an ordinary genre. And Frank Miersch is unlike other fetish photographers. Although his work is not entirely fetish, it's not really fashion, either. He uses latex for expressing sex and sensuality in unique ways. Come, and see the fantastic results as we journey into a new dimension of latex and masks.