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Succion 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking and Licking and G-Spot Vibrator
Two men and a woman enjoying the Scoop Rocker sex shapes
Illustration of Halloween candy bowl filled with sex toys
woman with gorgeous booty in swimsuit
app control sex toy cell phone

There's an App for That: Why You Should Use App-Control Toys

Smartphones are assimilated into every facet of our lives, especially our sex lives. Nothing like having a mini porn theater, and endless opportunities to connect with other people, in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re technologically challenged or a Silicon Valley whiz, you might be missing out on exhilarating sex tech and the latest in app-controlled toys. Join us in exploring why you should use app-control toys and how to get connected.
Vixen Creations Mr. Right Realistic Packer Dildo

FTM Packer Review: Mr. Right from Vixen Creations

Is the Mr. Right right for you? Read this FTM packer review to find out!
Oxballs Finger-Fuck Glove

Bop Me!: Fingering Out the Oxballs Finger-Fuck Glove

So, who remembers playing “Bop It!” as a kid? The hyperactive gadget spun sweat drops across your face with every call-to-action, barking in a “self-care, bro!” voice, commanding every slumber party with goofy authority. The circle-jerk of a game was about as awkward as puberty, as each player fumbled the toy before the power-bottom commander-in-chief yelped with pain (or was it pleasure?). If this was your go-to sleepover activity in your youth, stop whatever you’re doing and consider a gloved (and far less awkward) iteration for adults. 
Vibrating butt plug with remote sitting in front of a mirror showing a statue head

Product Profile: Vibrating Jewel Plug

I’ll go ahead and admit this upfront: I’m not an anal master. My butt has only been host to a couple of small plugs (I’m a sucker for aesthetically pleasing sex toys, and the jewels and bunny tails always draw me in) and the occasional very lucky cock once in a blue moon. So my outlook upon being gifted the b-Vibe Vibrating Jewel Plug (M/L size) was equal parts “omg, this plug is so cute” and “sure, why not?”. Never before has my raven-like attraction to shiny objects rewarded me so richly.
lingerie-clad woman with curvy ass sitting on bathtub

Anal Experts: The Best Brands for Butt Stuff Fans

While the average anal consumer may be satisfied with any ol’ ass toy, butt play connoisseurs demand more from their anal accessories. They seek stunning exteriors that expertly stimulate their interiors. They want their ass toys designed by engineers who know the anus like the back of their hand. And who could blame them?
Several glass dildos of different shapes on a blue background

Product Profile: Chrystalino Glass Dildos

Art and eroticism combine in the Chrystalino line of handblown glass sex toys.
Gvibe3 dual stimulation vibrator being held over a scenic ocean view

Strange Love: Falling for the Gvibe3

Good things come in strange packages. At least that’s the case with the Gvibe3 vibrator.
Woman sitting in bed holding vibrating masturbator toy

Product Profile: Kiiroo Titan Vibrating Masturbator for Men

The Kiiroo Titan has been my steady personal trainer for the past 3-months. Sometimes I use it solo and other times with my wife, who enjoys watching me get off. This stroker has not only helped with building my stamina, but it has also increased my sensitivity level during actual sex.