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Anal Experts: The Best Brands for Butt Stuff Fans

lingerie-clad woman with curvy ass sitting on bathtub
Anal Experts: The Best Brands for Butt Stuff Fans

While the average anal consumer may be satisfied with any ol’ ass toy, butt play connoisseurs demand more from their anal accessories. They seek stunning exteriors that expertly stimulate their interiors. They want their ass toys designed by engineers who know the anus like the back of their hand. And who could blame them? 

An easy way to ensure your pleasure products include such levels of anal sex toy artistry is to purchase from a company that specializes in derriere delights. After all, your booty deserves the best, and these anal-focused toy brands deliver just that.


French sex toy company Rosebuds brings class to the ass as only the French could. Low-brow jokes aside, Rosebuds masterfully combines elegance and eroticism in their anal pleasure products for an end result that could only be described as functionally sensuous body jewelry. Crafted from the finest materials such as Swarovski crystals, genuine horsehair, and stainless steel, each piece in the Rosebuds line boasts an opulent air.  

Standout Product: LoveRing Plug

Rosebuds LoveRing stainless steel pink bejeweled anal plug

What could possibly be a more luxurious anal experience than adorning your ass with a genuine Swarovski crystal? The Rosebuds LoveRing Plug positively stuns with its artful aesthetic, but the exquisite form also aids in its function. As much of an interactive piece as it is a plug, the LoveRing Plug’s ring design allows for interactivity and more diversity in sensation. Additionally, the plug’s stainless steel makeup grants users the option to engage in temperature play if they so desire. 


Aneros logo

If you’re passionate about the P-Spot, Aneros needs to be on your radar. Aneros explicitly designs their products—using medical research, I might add—with the P-Spot in mind, making their anal toys a match made in heaven for prostate owners. With an incredibly unique patented hands-free design, Aneros prostate massagers stimulate via the user’s rectal contractions rather than vibration or manual direction.  

The brainchild of a Japanese urologist, Aneros prostate massagers were initially intended for medical purposes, but when consumers reported that the product was causing them to climax unexpectedly, the company changed gears. If a massager is so great that it can result in unintentional Os, imagine what it can do for you when you’re actively seeking out anal delights!

Standout Product: Helix Syn Trident

Aneros Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator

Before you can fully grasp how great the Helix Syn Trident is, you must first understand the P-Spot power of its predecessor, the Helix Syn. The OG version of this toy won the title of “Male Pleasure Product of the Year” from Xbiz Awards and even became “the most popular hands[-]free [prostate] massager in the world” (the latter claim according to Aneros, which my research could neither confirm nor deny.) 

The Helix Syn Trident is the new and improved version of what was already an amazing anal toy, boasting the same award-winning functions as the original but now covered in velvety medical-grade silicone that gives it a softer touch. This multitasking prostate massager offers simultaneous stimulation of three erogenous zones—not only does the Helix Syn Trident induce pleasure for the P-Spot and anal cavity, but it even stimulates the oft-ignored perineum thanks to the inclusion of a special “P-Tab.”


njoy sex toys

njoy founder Greg DeLong not only holds a degree in mechanical engineering but also created his first butt plug before he had even graduated from high school, so it should come as no surprise that njoy toys deliver anal pleasures like no other. “I know how to make shit, and I’m kind of a perv,” DeLong once stated in an interview with Outside the Box. And while his words may be humorously crass, his toy line is anything butt. Their collection of metal butt plugs and anal-safe wands provide a luxurious erotic experience through premium materials and meticulous form rather than bells and whistles, making them the perfect fit for backdoor fans who appreciate the finer things in life but find overtly lavish designs distasteful.
Each product is made from high-quality medical-grade stainless steel, meaning your beloved toys will never degrade or suffer from corrosion. The toys' pure metal makeup also brings about delectable stimulation; their weight provides extra pressure, and the temperature-sensitive nature of the materials grants the option for steamy (or icy!) temperature play. Masters of thoughtful presentation, each product comes encased in a sturdy yet elegant silk-lined storage box, sparking (n)joy in customers right from the start.

Standout Product: Pure Wand

njoy Pure Wand double-ended metal dildo

The Pure Wand is the very first njoy toy that company founder DeLong designed, and it stands the test of time. The double-ended dildo’s curved shape helps ensure the bulb of your choosing hits the prostate, while two different sized ends allow you to choose the intensity of its stretch and reach. Eight inches of length make the Pure Wand easy to wield and thrust, both in the hands of a solo player or a lover. This hefty-weighted beauty is the winner of the 2009 “Outstanding Non-Powered Product” award from AVN, as well as the hearts of many a sex educator and toy reviewer. 

Though this is an anal-focused blog, it would be remiss not to mention the Pure Wand’s G-Spot stimulating abilities, as this further aids in the toy’s supreme versatility (and has been hailed by renowned sex bloggers like Hey Epiphora). With two bulb sizes to choose from, a form that can be utilized both alone or with a partner, and the option for temperature play, the erotic opportunities of the Pure Wand are endless.


b-Vibe logo

Booty-focused b-Vibe has been making waves in the anal sex toy sector since they launched in 2016. Their debut product, the Rimming Plug, is marketed as being the world’s very first butt plug to simulate the sensations of analingus. Founded by a certified sex educator, b-Vibe’s “core mission is to empower exploration through education”—and each of their products comes with a “Guide to Anal Play” booklet to do just that! Their line has a buttload of different plug offerings, both in size and sensation—weighted, textured, vibrating, you name it—making their brand a good fit for every-booty (sorry, I had to.)

Standout Product: Anal Massage & Pleasure Set

Anal Massage & Pleasure Set from b-Vibe and Le Wand

The ultimate anal kit, this 10-piece set from b-Vibe and their sister brand Le Wand has everything you’ll need and more to invoke powerful anal orgasms. The Anal Massage & Pleasure Set comes with three toys (or maybe 2.5 depending on how you categorize toy attachments)—a wearable weighted plug, a wireless wand massager, and a P-Spot/G-Spot wand attachment that magically transforms said wand into an internal vibe. True to b-Vibe’s mission statement, the set also comes with a “guide to anal massage & pleasure” booklet to help you get the most out of your butthole’s new BFFs. 

What really makes this kit next-level, though, is that they also include tools to aid in good, clean fun—an enema bulb, lubricant applicator, finger condoms, gloves, a cleanup towel, and a convenient storage pouch! I mean, really—what else could your anus ask for?

While none of this is to imply that sex toy companies with more diversity in their offerings can’t produce stellar anal products—just look at the reviews for the HUGO Prostate Massager from LELO if you don’t believe me—there’s something to be said about purchasing from specialized manufacturers. There’s a certain sense of camaraderie there, like you’re partners in mutual pursuit of anal Os.

Those who adore ass play—and find a strange satisfaction in sex toy similes—will find themselves well-matched with ass-focused adult companies such as the ones featured above. By buying from booty-focused brands, ass play aficionados can choose from a wider selection of butt stuff-specific products and take comfort in the companies’ anal expertise.

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