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Guys Just Wanna Have Fun: The Sex Toy Guide for Men

Masculine mannequin with hands over crotch
Guys Just Wanna Have Fun: The Sex Toy Guide for Men

When it comes to media coverage on sex toys, male-focused sexcessories don’t get much love. Most are familiar with all the different categories of women’s toys out there but are totally unaware of how diverse the adult toy market is for men, too! There are way more options out there than pocket pussies and plastic blow-up dolls, though you might not know it if you haven’t done your research.  

No matter your tastes, sexuality, or relationship status, there’s a toy out there for you. Men shouldn’t have to resort to their hand every time they jerk off, nor should toys for straight couple play concentrate solely on the female partner. If you’re ready to focus on furthering your pleasure and finding your nether region’s new BFF, then this guide has you covered. 


Oxballs SQUEEZE Ball StretcherOxballs


When I first heard about ballstretchers, I had three questions: 1) why?, 2) why?, and 3) WHY?! Well, it turns out there are tons of reasons why! First off, regarding appearance, there’s something quite masculine and powerful about a large, hanging ball sack- it just kinda demands respect, y’know? Try wearing one of these under your speedo, and I guarantee you’ll turn heads at the beach. 

But ballstretchers have much more to offer than aesthetics. Scrotum stretching heightens sensitivity to the nth degree; when the skin on your ballsack is stretched, it becomes hypersensitive to touch, making even the lightest caresses provide major sensations. Ballstretchers also add precious moments to your big O by eliminating ball contraction that normally takes place during the peak of pleasure, making your load’s travel distance just a little bit longer, and by proxy, your orgasm, too. 

Sack stretching can also result in added bliss for your partner when you hit it from behind; ballstretchers make your balls a bit heavier, resulting in a more significant impact when they slap against your lover’s naughty bits during doggy style. Now instead of asking “why,” I ask, “why the hell not?!”


Oxballs AIR SPORT Cock RingOxballs AIR SPORT Cock Ring

Whether you’re suffering from whisky dick or dealing with E.D., cockrings are a simple solution to achieving and maintaining an erection. And once you get an erection? It’ll be rock-hard, so you can really rock on with your C-ring. Many cockring retailers claim that penis rings can make you bigger, but tbh the size-altering abilities are minimal. Still, why say no to a boost just because it’s small? Byyyyy the way, cockrings also increase stamina, resulting in not only longer-lasting sex or solo sessions but a stronger orgasm when it does arrive. 

Vibrating cockrings boast the same benefits as standard ones, all while turning you into a human vibrator (cool, right?!) This can make penetration feel even better for your partner, and you can also use your new buzzy abilities during foreplay by rubbing your now-vibrating dick on your lover’s clit or other hotspots. Some vibrating rings feature a bunny-eared design or other protrusion so that the ring itself hits the clit when you’re balls-deep. And while a huge appeal of vibrating C-rings is what they can do for your partner, you’ll likely find the vibrations feel pretty damn good for you, too!

Masturbation Sleeves & Strokers  

Fleshlight Stamina Training UnitFleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Brought to the spotlight by Fleshlight, strokers are usually the go-to category when people think of sex toys for men. And while there’s no shortage of pocket pussies out there, masturbation sleeves are offered in many more designs than the standard disembodied vagina (or anus, for that matter). There are also standalone textured strokers for those who prefer simplicity and aren’t keen on anatomical-looking toys, and high-tech vibrating strokers with app connectivity, too!

P-Spot Massagers

LELO HUGO™ Prostate MassagerLELO HUGO™ Prostate Massager


Plenty of heterosexual dudes have this weird stigma about playing with their backdoor, which is wild because the P-spot (or prostate) is packed with feel-good nerve endings that can rock men’s worlds. Like, if I had a prostate, I would never NOT be playing with my ass! Massagers like the LELO HUGO P-Spot Vibrator focus on stimulating that erotic hot button that makes your eyes roll to the back of your head in pleasure. Yeah, it’s really that good. 

Cocksheaths & Penis Extenders

Oxballs DADDY Cock & Ball SheathOxballs DADDY Cock & Ball Sheath


If you want more length and girth for penetrative purposes, a cocksheath is the most effective way to get there. A penis extender is applied and worn like a condom, adding extra inches to your johnson so your partner can experience a larger stretch and reach when y’all bang it out. Cocksheaths are sometimes textured on the inside and/or outside for added stimulation, which is particularly handy for the wearer, as there’s a thick barrier between them and their boo’s hole. 

High-Tech Strokers

Arcwave Ion Male Stroker

If you love checking out all the newest gadgets, then you’ll for sure get a hard-on for men’s teledildonic toys. From blowjob machines that simulate a skilled mouth to hydro-powered masturbators, there is a myriad of super-cool, powerful sex machines out there that will blow your mind and dish out mindblowing orgasms. Connectivity has even further enhanced the technological capabilities of strokers that can be used for a variety of totally different but equally impressive purposes: you can pair your stroker with a lover’s toy for faraway mutual masturbation, use them in tandem with compatible POV VR porn so that the stroker’s sensations mimic what’s happening on-screen, or connect them to apps that train you on building stamina. These genital gadgets do run on the pricier side in terms of sex toys, but it’s a small price to pay to make your penis feel like James Bond. 

Anal Plugs

Gvibe Gplug Bioskin™ Small Vibrating Butt PlugGvibe Gplug Bioskin™ Small Vibrating Butt Plug


If you’re looking to add some spice to your next romp, masturbation session, or trip to the grocery store, look no further than wonderfully wearable butt plugs. While you can thrust them in and out of your ass if you please, anal plugs are mainly meant to remain stationary inside of you. They generate a deliciously full feeling in your bum for some extra pizazz in your passion play. Now you might be ass-king yourself, “can they stimulate my prostate gland?” You bet your ass they can!

Peggers & Strap-Ons

Doc Johnson® Body Extensions™ Be Daring Hollow Strap-On System


Dudes getting pegged is kinda having an “It moment” RN. From the act’s appearance in Broad City to the content of ridicule-free memes, pegging has entered the conversation and lost much of the stigma once associated with it. Which is great, cause hey, why should straight men always be the ones putting in work? Peggers are a two-part toy as the experience requires both a harness (typically) and a vibrator or dildo attachment, though many peggers come in convenient sets. While the harness is worn by a woman (heterosexually speaking), I think you and your soon-to-be stimulated P-spot won’t argue about this counting as a men’s sex toy. 

Pro tip: make sure any anal toy you’re purchasing for the purpose fits your strap-on’s size, or buy a new strap-on harness that can accommodate it.

Toy Mounts

Fleshlight On a Mission


The perfect sexcessory for any adult toy aficionado, sex toy mounts help you experience your fave stroker, dildo, or vibe in a whole new way. Some provide a simulation of partnered positions like doggy, while others make it easier to play in areas outside the bedroom. They’re also a great way to practice your moves and perfect your stroke game!

Accessories & More!

Oxballs FINGER FUCK Textured GloveOxballs FINGER FUCK Textured Glove


This beginner’s guide really only touches the surface of what erotic toys lie within men’s reach. There are cock cages and combo toys like cockrings with an attached butt plug (or butt plugs with an attached cockring- what came first, the chicken or the egg?) You’ve got vibrator attachments and jerk-off lube, too. There are lions, and tigers, and bears- oh my! 

And don’t let toy marketing fool you. There are lots of great dude-friendly toys out there that don’t scream “MUST HAVE PENIS TO ENJOY,” like the pretty and pink Gvibe3 that has the power to turn anyone’s world upside down. A good sex toy rule of thumb: if it feels good, then use it!

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of the various types of men’s sex toys (and enough product links to fill up five bedside tables), it’s time to start exploring. Try out something new or grab a sexcessory you know will get the job done. Use ‘em with a partner, or keep your toys to yourself. Do what you want and fuck how you want because Captain Planet was right when he said, “the power is YOURS!”

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