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Polaroid Python: Master the Dick Pic, Part 2

Elevate your sexting game with “Master the Dick Pic, Part 2"! We're back with a bang, dishing out saucy secrets and scandalous tips. From perfect angles that accentuate your best asset to creative lighting that sets the mood, this guide will transform your nudes into quicksand thirst traps.
Muscled man in underwear posing on a rose colored background

Polaroid Python: Master the Dick Pic, Part 1

Are you struggling with capturing the sexiest shots of your anaconda? Do you want to conquer the world of sexting and navigate hookup apps or dating sites with confidence? We are here to enlighten you with tips and tricks guaranteed to elevate your snakey snaps to a whole new level.
Recharge the Kitty

Recharge the Kitty: A Candid Dive into Va-Ja-Nation

I decided to test out three treatments that promised to recharge my kitty: the O-Shot™, SoftWave Tissue Regeneration Technology, and the vFit Gold. These treatments were all about optimizing cellular health and regeneration, which sounded like just what the doctor ordered (pun intended, again).
app control sex toy cell phone

There's an App for That: Why You Should Use App-Control Toys

Smartphones are assimilated into every facet of our lives, especially our sex lives. Nothing like having a mini porn theater, and endless opportunities to connect with other people, in the palm of your hand. Whether you’re technologically challenged or a Silicon Valley whiz, you might be missing out on exhilarating sex tech and the latest in app-controlled toys. Join us in exploring why you should use app-control toys and how to get connected.
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How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part Two

You set the mood with How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part One. Now get ready to burn the house down with passion in How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part Two. Our sensual, seductive plans including games, toys and roleplaying will have you both breathless and spent by the end of the night.
Woman holding up a felt heart and holding man's head against her own

How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part One

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? We have perfectly planned solutions for an outstanding Valentine staycation. Get ready to go beyond roses and chocolates, and blow minds with passionate, seductive scenes. Show your lover just how much you love and lust for them!
couple kissing passionately on bed

Banish the Dead Bedroom: Tips to Jumpstart Intimacy

Have you ever worried about your relationship and wondered if it’s heading toward a dead bedroom? My partner obsesses over the r/deadbedrooms subreddit. Hundreds of stories from couples about their lack of intimacy and sex. I’m not a therapist or sexpert…just your average peri-menopausal heterosexual woman. I have, however, had enough relationships to experience the pain of diminished libido, passionless sex, and a dead bedroom. Two decades later, I’m more knowledgeable about sustaining sexual excitement in a healthy relationship. So, follow my tips, get out the paddles and resuscitate your dead bedroom.