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How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part One

Woman holding up a felt heart and holding man's head against her own
How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part One

Staying in this Valentine's Day? Then get ready to go beyond roses and chocolates and blow their minds with these passionate and seductive ideas. Show your lover just how much you love and lust for them!

Romance is all about thoughtful preparation, of course. What does your partner really enjoy? Music? Food? Chill time? Whatever it is, we've got you covered. This year, show your partner how attuned you are to them.

Sexy Spa Day

Sexy couple soaking in tub with rose petals drinking wine

Create an indoor oasis for your partner with a sexy spa day. Candles around the bathtub; rose petals in the water. Soft, ambient music to set the mood ("Alexa, play love songs!"). Pour a glass of wine or your favorite bubbly. Talk about the night the two of you met. Tell each other funny stories. Put conversations about kids aside for tonight. Focus on each other. Take turns giving each other massages and let your hands wander under the water. When you're totally relaxed, towel each other off and wrap up in snuggly robes.

Pillow Fort Picnic

pillow fort with fairy lights

Remember when you were kids and you built pillow forts? Guess what? They're still fun as adults! Surprise them with a pillow and blanket fort and and a romantic picnic. Use the sofa cushions, dining room chairs, or whatever you can find with lots of blankets draped over everything. Make it romantic and magical by adding battery-powered fairy lights. Pad the floor with more blankets or cushions. Top it off with your favorite foods. 

Pajama Weekend

couple having a romantic breakfast in bed

Spend the weekend in your skivvies! Buy fun (or sexy!) pajamas for you both to wear and stock up on the basics for a great breakfast. Spend the morning making breakfast together (or make breakfast for them) and spend the day in bed. No phones, no distractions, just you and your partner. Make out, make love, take selfies, laugh together, snuggle, listen to music or watch a binge-worthy show.  You'll wonder why you haven't done this more.

Baking Night

sexy couple baking together

Start a Valentine’s Baking Night tradition. Put on baking aprons and nothing else! Be liberal with the flour. Make a mess! Playfully distract each other. Kiss her ear while she rolls out the dough. Rub your hands on his body while he's cracking the eggs. While your desserts are in the oven, feast on each other! Once you're all done and cooled off, enjoy your creations in post-orgasmic bliss.

Wine & Charcuterie

Sexy couple enjoying wine and charcuterie

One of my favorite things to do with my partner is wine and charcuterie. There are few things more romantic. Watch this expert charcuterie video and learn how to assemble a fantastic spread. You’ll be rolling salami roses and drizzling honey over the cheese like a pro! Don't forget savory items like olives or sun-dried tomatoes, a well as sweet treats like sliced apples or grapes, fig paste or marmalade. Keep the lights low and the conversation sensual.

Music Night

shirtless man playing guitar in bed for a sexy woman

Hit all the right beats with a music night. Are you skilled with an instrument? Compose your own love song or perform one that is meaningful to your relationship. Serenading your lover is a surefire way to touch their heart. Not a musician? Make the perfect Spotify playlist with songs that are the soundtrack of your relationship. Reminisce over those fond moments (maybe the first time he stepped on your toes or dipped you!) and dance together if the mood strikes. Being in love is all about having fun and creating memories. This is one you will never forget.

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