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Couple kissing
nude couple in water

Breezy Booties: Get Naked in the Summer Sun

Stripping down and bearing it all gives you a more positive body image, liberation, relaxation, and stress release. I’m encouraging all our readers to consider the joys, benefits, and excitement of nudity and celebrate National Nude Day!
Top 5 kink blogs in 2022

The Best BDSM Blogs BDSM Blogs in 2022

While finding kinky blogs to explore may be easy, finding the best BDSM blogs to add to your reading list is a whole different ball gag. Well, I have good news for all you masochists who don’t want their pain play to come in the form of a lengthy Google search (and sadists and the whole kinky crew): we’ve done all the work for you!
Woman and man holding laptops and books in front of a blackboard with math equations

Test Your Liberator Knowledge: An Interactive Fan Quiz

Are you a sex furniture superfan? Test your Liberator knowledge to find out!
Close-up of a blank crossword puzzle

Test Your Sex Knowledge: Liberator Times Crossword Puzzle

Is your sex knowledge up to snuff? Find out if you’re a true sex guru with this stumper of a crossword puzzle!
Man and woman in missionary position on edge of bed

How Should You Screw Your Valentine? An Interactive Sex Position Quiz

Valentine’s sex is like a box of chocolates: you gotta pick the right flavor for you to truly enjoy it. Find out which sex position is a good fit for your flavor profile by creating your perfect Valentine’s Day date!
Dozens of condoms lined up on a purple background

It’s Time to Destigmatize STIs

The thought of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) undeservedly strikes fear in the hearts of many sexually active individuals, and this fear often contributes to a stigma. This stigma, which typically stems from a lack of knowledge regarding sexual health, has the power to wreak more havoc than you may be privy to.
Text reading "2021 Year in Sex Review" surrounded by four panels depicting a woman lying on a Wedge Ramp Combo, hands holding vibrators, a blob-like creature with a dildo on its head, and the OnlyFans logo

2021 Year in Sex Review

♫ Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear. Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure, measure a year? How about seeeeex? ♫
Dachsund wearing a hot dog costume

Spooky Nudes: Halloweiner Costume Contest Results [NSFW]

We couldn’t have asked for a better treat than viewing all your Halloween goodies, but three costumes stood out in particular. Congratulations to the very creative Halloweiners, and happy Halloween to all!
Green hand holding a smartphone depicting a mouth with fangs on the screen

Monster Mash: How Classic Monsters Would Screw You

Monsters are real. Not only are they real, but they’re also really horny—most monsters would much prefer to join you in bed than hide underneath it. But should you let them in your sheets? Well, that depends on the monster.
Woman in low-cut shirt holding a jack-o-lantern in each hand

Spooky Dicks & Haunted Tits: Enter Our Halloweiner Costume Contest!

Want a chance to win a $500 gift card on Liberator.com? Do you also want to dress up your naughty bits for some feisty Halloween fun? Of course, you do! 
Attractive woman holding 2 cucumbers

What It’s Really Like: Small Penis Humiliation Femdom

I’m a relatively normal woman in her late twenties. I have a full-time office job, a pair of adorable dogs, and an affinity for tea and books. I hate conflict, rarely raise my voice, and am always happy to lend emotional support when my friends are in need. I also happen to insult the shit out of tiny-dicked men on the internet in exchange for money.