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Breezy Booties: Get Naked in the Summer Sun

nude couple in water
Breezy Booties: Get Naked in the Summer Sun

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that someone who writes a sex-positive blog loves getting naked. I sleep naked, run around the house naked, and play volleyball naked. For the uninitiated, though, it may seem daunting, ridiculous, and unfathomable. But guess what? Stripping down and bearing it all gives you a more positive body image, liberation, relaxation, and stress release. Feeling the sun and breeze on your skin is phenomenal. So is shedding your critical inner voice and lifting your self-esteem. We come into this world naked, possess gorgeous, powerful, diverse bodies, and spend years covered like monks. I’m encouraging all our readers to consider the joys, benefits, and excitement of nudity and celebrate you birthday suit!

Where can I get naked? 

In the States, there are many resorts, campgrounds, and public beaches (ok, maybe not LOTS, but enough that you should be able to find a spot). Resorts usually require joining as a member to enjoy the amenities (well worth it). Public beaches are awesome because they’re free. For solo sunbathing at home, assess your surroundings and see how much privacy you’ve got. My husband and I updated our back deck to give us complete privacy despite being within spitting distance of our neighbors. 

Basic Bare-It-All Etiquette

Yes, there is a certain etiquette to follow when you strip down at a resort, park or beach. 

  • No gawking. If you’re just here to ridicule or gawk, get the F out. 
  • Respect others. 
  • Respect the environment. 
  • SNAPPING PICS OR FILMING VIDS IS A BUGS BUNNY HARD NO. Most places will ban you for life if you commit this egregious faux pas. 
  • Put a towel down if you’re sitting on common area furniture. 
  • Avoid public sexual activity. This is a general good rule, but it’s much more important with zero clothes.
  • Get dressed when leaving nude areas (don’t upset the local textile folks).

First Things First

Before you do anything, slather on that SUNSCREEN! For newbies, make sure you really coat yourself with SPF 30. If your boobs or peen have never seen sunlight, they can get roasted faster than roadkill. Sunburned genitals are not fun. Skin cancer on your cock or cajones would be even worse. 

Bareback and Busy

On to the good stuff…you can do so many things naked! My personal favorite is naked sand volleyball. You get a full-body tan while exercising, having fun, and forming friendships. Diving for balls takes on a whole new meaning. LOL. I love getting hot and sweaty, then diving to dig a pass. Yes, I look like a giant powdered donut afterward, but sand is a terrific exfoliant, so your skin is always glowy and glistening. Some people keep bikini bottoms or shorts on, though the sand sticking in delicate areas is less of a problem than you’d think. Plus, there are usually showers or a hose to help wash it off. If you really get into the naked volleyball scene, there are tournaments like Super Bowl South, where folks trek from all over to enjoy buff volleyball. Definitely a bucket list item!

I haven’t actually played pickleball yet, but it’s sweeping the nation. I can’t wait to try it! It’s a cross between tennis and ping pong using wiffle balls. Definitely more physically forgiving than tennis since it’s played on a half-court. The only clothes you need are socks and tennis shoes. And wiffle balls won’t hurt like a tennis ball upon impact. 

Nothing says getting back to nature like naked hiking! I recommend using a good sunscreen/bug spray like Bullfrog brand SPF30. You get dual protection that lasts. You definitely don’t want mosquito bites on your nethers. Choose trails that aren’t densely surrounded by poison ivy. I really love naked hiking. You feel like you’re an early ancestor, tromping through a primeval forest…or a contestant on Naked and Afraid! 

Some places offer opportunities for naked running in 5K races. For example,  Paradise Valley hosts an annual 5K to benefit the local food bank. The running path winds through the hills and valleys. I love running around naked because it fills you with giddy delight as boobs, balls, and bananas bounce around! People come from all over the southeast to participate.

Maybe something less strenuous is your speed? Lucky you…naked yoga is phenomenal exercise! We do it at home all the time because you get great deep stretches while being a bit titillated. Or you can practice tantric yoga together, stretching to use each other for leverage. If you're camping, I'd recommend having a Fascinator lay on the ground to protect your yoga mat. It's so versatile -- you can also use it for picnics OR naked wrestling matches!

The Great Equalizer

Once everyone tosses their skims, we are all equals.  Social status, often evident in clothing, is gone. It is easier to accept your own flaws and embrace your gorgeous form when you see that we are all flawed, fabulous humans. So many people hide under clothes because they loathe their bodies. You’ll love the skin you’re in so much more when you shed your clothes and that pesky sense of self-loathing. 

Maybe you are critical of the scars you had from major surgery, stretch marks, loose skin from massive weight loss, skin conditions like vitiligo, weight gain, lymphedema, or birthmarks. Any of these physical differences are the written record of your survival and existence. Dismiss that negative inner commentary — you are a magnificent work of art! 

I have seen many women with C-section, mastectomy, and breast augmentation scars. Ditto for stretch marks. I have stretch marks - they are my honorary tiger stripes. I earned them while I was pregnant with my son. I feel that way about breast cancer survivors who bare it all. They are courageous warriors, and it makes me so proud to see them. We are all walking tableaux of infinitely rich, fascinating stories. 

Same thing, fellas. Don’t worry about what you’re packing. I have seen all shapes, sizes, and colors. Cut, uncut, pierced, adorned with cock rings. Yes, shrinkage does happen in pools. But everyone knows that. Some of you have big balls. Let everything swing low and free! 

Where can you get naked? 

Happy Hippie Hollow

Hippie Hollow is, as far as I know, the only place to get naked outdoors in Texas. This public park has a paved trail that wraps around Lake Travis (near Austin) with stunning views. I’ll be honest that I was a little skeeved out by single men lurking in the bushes. It was my first experience at a public nude park, and I wasn’t expecting it. So be prepared mentally if you go there. I think this factor is why many nudist resorts don’t allow single guys. But if you are an exhibitionist and/or in the lifestyle, you might really get into it. 

Breathtaking Black’s Beach

Have you ever watched a PGA tournament taking place at majestic Torrey Pines in California? You know, the golf course with all the hang gliders soaring off the cliffs? It has a surprising little secret down on the beach just below. Make the arduous trek down a steep cliff face while the gliders float high above you, and you’ll reach Black’s Beach. This stunning public nude beach is hidden in plain sight. Gawkers are usually deterred by the long hike. I found it more inviting as a newbie public nudist than Hippie Hollow, and it was a trip to watch the hang gliders far above us. You can surf in the nude there or even go on a four-mile run! 

Racy Resorts

Looking for the perfect place to get nekkid? I have limited experience in the world of clothing-optional resorts because we fell in love with Paradise Valley Resort. Nestled in the foothills of North Georgia, about an hour from Atlanta in Dawsonville, Paradise Valley is a member-based nudist community with tons of great amenities. Once you enter the gates and check in at reception for registration, life slows down to a leisurely pace. Grab a cocktail at the Tiki bar or the Lodge, ditch your duds, and unwind! You can enjoy the big swimming pool or find new friends in either of the two conversation pools. For cooler weather, indoor and outdoor hot tubs are great gathering spots. You can enjoy pickleball, volleyball, and hiking around the grounds (just be on the lookout for local wildlife - copperheads love the creek!). When you get hungry, don’t worry about a thing. They feed you ALL DAY LONG, with tons of yummy options, at the Lodge, the Outback, and the Tiki Bar. 

Once you spend your jam-packed day at the Valley, you can stick around for all the nighttime fun. They host events all week, except for Mondays, including Texas Hold ‘Em poker, bingo, naked Jenga, and karaoke. If you forget something fun to wear that night, Miss Behave has you covered! This fantastic boutique is on-site and stocks hot fashions for men and women. Now that you’re banging, where do you go? PVR has a phenomenal nightclub called Level 3 — a three-story nightclub on the premises, featuring one huge main-level bar and a smaller upstairs bar, plus a slamming DJ booth. 

But wait, there’s more! The upstairs has a balcony overlooking the huge dance floor and a giant projection wall. The downstairs has three poles surrounded by sofas, so you can watch all the spicy entertainment. The club has an open, respectful awareness and acceptance of the entire spectrum of sexuality, including those in the lifestyle. However, lots of people are just there to enjoy the scenery and atmosphere. Guess what? They feed you breakfast around 1 am! 

Staying the weekend? You can either rent a room at a local hotel (sometimes they offer deals), but it’s not my top recommendation. Honestly, most of the local places are low rent, 2 stars at most, and you’d still have to drive a couple of miles after a full day of fun. Not ideal because DUIs are dangerous and expensive. 

I’d recommend booking a room through the PVR office for a place on the grounds. For big holiday weekends, plan it out weeks or even months in advance because they sell out of accommodations. Once you become a member, you can rent directly from other members. 

Paradise Valley is by far my favorite place to get naked. It is a vibrant community full of wonderful, interesting people. Owner Jeff and his second-in-command, Sarah, are the folks who make it all possible. I highly recommend visiting if you want a warm welcome to the world of nudist resorts in Georgia. There are plenty of nude resorts, and campgrounds scattered all over the US. Just do your research before you go and make sure it's a good fit!

Naturists, not Nudists

One more thing before I send you out into the world naked as a newborn. There is a difference between naturists and nudists. Naturists diverged from the term nudist at some point because of negative public perception. The AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) is the central organization related to outdoor nudity. I highly recommend reviewing the history of naturists on their website. It’s fascinating. They have a code of ethics to follow and espouse a wholesome version of nudity, distinctly separate from any overt sexuality. They also provide resources for finding naturist resorts, campgrounds, and public beaches near you. So, make you decide on what type of resort, park, or campground you'd rather visit: something family-friendly or something adults-only.

Whew! That’s alotta info! 

It’s impossible to cover every aspect of nudist culture in one article, but hopefully, you have a good idea of where to start, and you’re fired up! Whatever you choose to bare, enjoy yourself. Share the experience with your partner and revel in the liberating world of nudists. It’s Breezy Booty time!

Let us know where you like to ditch your duds! We'd love to hear about your favorite nudist hotspots!

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