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LIBERATOR's Sex Position Guide Page

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Summer of Sex
Wedge Ramp Combo
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Liberator Oral Sex Positioning

Mangia! Mangia!: Oral Sex Position Guide

Let's face it, it's incredibly sexy to observe someone else experiencing sexual pleasure, especially when it's coming from you. But to get the most enjoyment from offering oral sex to another, one needs to know how to properly deliver the goods. And getting into just the right position can be a real game-changer. Without a doubt, the best way to keep going back and getting more, is to mix things up, and use new and different positions.
Woman lying atop another woman grabbing her waist

Pussy Power Moves: Classic Lesbian Sex Positions, Reimagined

No matter how great of a lay you are, you can only succeed as much as a position allows you to. And though all the classic sex positions have their positives, they each have room for improvement. Whether you’re looking to impress a new lady lover or wow your long-term gal, these enhanced girl-on-girl plays are sure to do the trick. 
Woman lying back on Liberator Esse

The Ultimate Liberator Esse Position Guide

You can explore new positions and angles you never dreamed of because you are properly supported and aligned. The taller curve offers you a higher elevation and more leverage for standing or from-behind positions. The small curves let couples enjoy longer, uninterrupted oral sex sessions.
Two men in underwear lying in bed with a Liberator Wedge under one man's leg

Our Most Intense Positions for Gay Couples

Even if you don't have a Liberator sex furniture, go ahead and try a few of these positions simply using a pillow. Now, imagine how much better sex will be with a product precisely angled and designed for delivering maximum sensation. Our supportive furniture-grade foam doesn't shift or deflate. You don't have to stop and re-fluff! It's a platform for your best performance yet.
Woman straddling man holding a leash attached to a collar around his neck

Mistress May I: Hardcore Femdom Sex Positions

Domming—when done well—requires a constant stream of creativity to keep your sub on their toes, and after you’ve been in the scene for a while, it can start to feel like you’ve done it all. No need to get disheartened, though; all it takes is a few new toys and ideas to get you back to the Top of your game. If you find yourself lacking inspiration, make use of these five fresh scene ideas to reinvigorate your XXX sex life and get out of your BDSM funk.
Woman on her hands and knees with a Liberator Wedge under her stomach

The Liberator Sex Wedge Position Guide

The subtle slope and firmness of the Wedge provides incredible support and lift to your sexual positions by deepening the angle of penetration. The precise angle also helps heighten sensations by accessing the G-spot. With our Liberator sex wedge position guide, you will also learn more about prolonging your oral sessions without causing a stiff neck.
Woman on her hands and knees on top of a Liberator Esse Chaise

The Ultra-Mega-Spectacular Esse Chaise Position Guide

It's not hard to see how centering around the Esse Chaise allows you to move in ways typically unavailable. One thing's for certain; no more fighting with the sheets on your bed. But what is truly astounding is how much more pleasurable your sex can feel just from using the Esse Chaise Position Guide.
Woman lying back on a Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo

The Wedge/Ramp Combo Position Guide

If you’re familiar with Liberator, you’ve heard of the Wedge/Ramp Combo. Hands down our best-selling product, these original positioning Shapes are hailed as the greatest invention for sex since the bed. The ergonomic angles will have you reaching new heights of pleasure and positions that you never thought possible.
Liberator Wedge Ramp Threesome

The Official Wedge Ramp Threesome Position Guide

Good things come in threes, and the Wedge Ramp Threesome is proof of that. Three intimacy-enhancing sex pillows—the Wedge, Ramp, and a shorter Ramp—come together in this Liberator bundle to create a miniature sexual playground, ripe with erotic opportunities.