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woman with gorgeous booty in swimsuit
Everything BUTT: Celebrate Anal August
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Nothing BUTT Pleasure: Celebrate Anal August
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Halloween Kinksters: Leather Accessories for Sinfully Carnal Costumes
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All About The Aria Convertible Sex Chaise
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Meet Me In The Library: Engaging your mind for hotter sex
Scoop Rocker Valkyrie Edition
Lustful Living: Create Your Own Erotic Playground, Part Two
Wedge Ramp Combo
Top 10 Sex Wedge & Ramp Positions You Need to Try Now
Succion 3 in 1 Clitoral Sucking and Licking and G-Spot Vibrator
Product Review: The Seductive Succion by Honey Play Box
Summer of Sex
Summer of Sex: Transform Your Summer Getaway with Liberator
Summer of Sex: Sizzling Lifestyle Clubs and Resorts You MUST Visit This Summer
Summer of Sex: Sizzling Lifestyle Clubs and Resorts You MUST Visit This Summer
Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part One
Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part One
Summer of Sex: Flaming Hot Sex Positions You MUST Try
Summer of Sex: Flaming Hot Sex Positions You MUST Try
Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part TWO
Summer of Sex: Scorching Hot Toys You MUST Try, Part TWO
Woman holding Pulse Galaxie
Spotlight on Svakom: A Starstruck Review of the Pulse Galaxie Clitoral Stimulator
Woman straddling man holding a leash attached to a collar around his neck

Mistress May I: Hardcore Femdom Sex Positions

Domming—when done well—requires a constant stream of creativity to keep your sub on their toes, and after you’ve been in the scene for a while, it can start to feel like you’ve done it all. No need to get disheartened, though; all it takes is a few new toys and ideas to get you back to the Top of your game. If you find yourself lacking inspiration, make use of these five fresh scene ideas to reinvigorate your XXX sex life and get out of your BDSM funk.
Simplified drawing of many men and women kissing and fondling each other

Swinging Away From Monogamy: The Beginner's Guide To The Swinger Lifestyle

If you and your lover are more than curious and ready to embark on a journey into the swinger lifestyle, our mini introduction to swinging with helpful tips for first-time swingers will help you prepare to navigate through the untold adventures and excitement of swinging.
Nude woman wearing ballgag in bed

Kink Responsibly: A Guide To Safewords & Scene Stoppers

Keep your BDSM scenes safe with these kinky communication tips!
Woman lying on top of man as both are wearing Santa hats and wrapped in Christmas lights

Reindeer Games: Creative Ways to Play & Get Laid

No matter what holiday you celebrate, these holly, jolly erotic activities are sure to make your bedroom merry and bright.
Out-of-focus naked woman on the beach with her swimsuit in the foreground

Freak in the Streets: Enjoying Exhibitionism Without Getting Arrested

Use these tips and ideas to indulge in your daredevil-esque kink while mitigating risks.
Woman with her hands cuffed behind her back holding a riding crop

Introducing Vanilla Partners to BDSM: A Guide for Spoiled Submissives

So you’ve found a new partner that you’re totally smitten with, but they don’t know the first thing about kink, let alone the difference between the various types of floggers out there. What’s a lovestruck sub to do?
sexy maid washing floor

Bring Your Roleplay to the Next Level

Sexual roleplay is one of those situations where you get out of it what you put into it. Sure, you could slap a name tag sticker on your tit and call yourself “Santa,” but you’re not gonna get the same thrill from a romp as if you had committed to your character and chosen scenario.
doggy style balloon sex

Niche Kinks and Sex Acts You've (Probably) Never Heard Of

Remember when foot fetishes were considered off the cuff? Oh, to be young and naive.
padded spreader bar

Where Kink Meets Comfort

Whether you’re new to the world of kink or simply enjoy your BDSM without a side of “ouch,” there are plenty of ways to play around with power dynamics while remaining comfortable.
Woman lying in plants with a python coiled on top of her

Unusual Sexual Fetishes You've Probably Never Heard Of Before

Whether it's anal sex or fucking a tree or licking a car's tailpipe or covering yourself with blue cheese, as long as it involves consenting adults, then why not express those deep down desires? Stoya, the famous porn actress, said it best in the video below. "Don't tell me I'm being bad or nasty just because you don't like something."
Man sitting up in bed with two pairs of womans' legs sticking up next to him

Swinging Lessons: Tips and Advice from Experienced Swingers

All across the globe millions of traditionally married and non-married couples are consensually swapping partners. Once proclaimed "Wife Swapping" swinging has garnered more positive attention over the past few decades and is fast becoming part of the schema of marital and committed relationships.
Woman in bunny costume putting on stockings

Call of the Wild: Exploring the World of Pet Play

Humans turning into animals is an age-old theme found around the world and is documented throughout cultures from ceremonial dances to fairy tales to hieroglyphics inside the ancient pyramids. Although most modern fantasy role-playing now involves someone playing out a professional character like a nurse, doctor, police officer, pet play lets people act out their inner-most animal instincts.