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Halloween Kinksters: Leather Accessories for Sinfully Carnal Costumes

Illustration of a witchy woman riding a man on an Esse Chaise
Halloween Kinksters: Leather Accessories for Sinfully Carnal Costumes

Liberator launched its new line of handcrafted leather goods just in time for Halloween! No doubt, there will be thousands of women dressed up as Barbie this year, but there are plenty of other slinky, sexy, slutty ideas around. Add Liberator Leather masks, collars, harnesses, and cuffs to spice up the spooky classics. I’ve added all the links to make it easy. Get Your Kink On!


Two costumes have been the staples of All Hallow’s Eve since the beginning…witches and cats. Grab a catsuit worthy of a lioness and pair it up with the Vienna Cat Eye and Ear mask. Add a matching tail and some sexy shoes. You’ll have him purring all night…



Ready to be sinfully sexy? Assemble red lingerie with our red Freya body harness, add devil horns, a cape, a tail, red fishnets, a pitchfork, plus red heels. If you really wanna shock folks, stick dildos on the prongs of the pitchfork. Delightfully devilish!



Give him Catholic school wet dreams…add a black Galway body harness over a red or white bodysuit, with a habit on top (ONLY the habit), a set of rosary beads, plus black leather boots. Finish with pale white skin and sunken black eye sockets (bonus points if you wear those creepy white black eye contact lenses). He’ll be praying to you in this sinfully carnal costume. Crack a whip or a ruler, bend him over your lap, and make him say “Hail Marys” all night long.



They say all men are dogs, so be one for Halloween. Wear faux leather pants (found these on Amazon), go shirtless, slide into tough black boots, and don the Basel Puppy Mask. Add the Lano Body Harness so your “Master” can take the lead. Take your naughty puppy on a walk with our Mercer Collar and Cuff Kit. This is definitely one of the hottest male costumes, so don’t be surprised when someone tries to take your BONE.

(Pro-tip…if the faux leather pants are tight, use cornstarch on your legs when you put them on to absorb the sweat.)



That’s right, ladies. You can be anything you want to be…including Bondage Barbie. Slip on a pepto pink bodysuit, with the tan or red Galway body harness and matching Forza cuff kit, a high ponytail, and all matching pink accessories (pink shoes would be FIRE). You’re a Barbie Girl living in a Barbie World. 



Have a theatrical bend? Slick back your hair with some mousse, circle your eyes with eyeliner, and throw on a Lano harness, with black suit pants, dress socks, and dress shoes. Maybe even a bowler hat and a cane. The look is consummately debonair, sinfully subversive, and electrifyingly sexual — now sing, “Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome”!



Maybe you’re on your way to a witch trial or going up in flames? Combine a slinky, witchy black, burgundy, or purple dress with our Freya body harness, a Verona cat eye mask, and a Forza wrist cuff kit. Add strips of torn red, orange, and yellow chiffon all over the dress with flickering battery power lights underneath. Finish with a pointy hat, and a broom. Cackle all night knowing they can’t dim your light!



I went to a private school, so I can say with complete confidence that guys are definitely obsessed with women in short plaid skirts, tight white button-downs, knee-high socks and Mary Janes. Make the boys come to the yard with a Tiko collar. Who knows? You might need detention for being a really naughty girl. 



Love the hyper-machismo and satire of Predator? Try going full Killer Commando. Suit up in camo (bodysuit, pants, military-style combat boots, a Rambo-esque headtie), wrap your chest in the Lano body harness, add matching Forza wrist cuffs and a fake machine gun. Give yourself black smudges under your eyes and camo body paint too (if you’re shirtless). Wanna take it to a new galaxy? Mount a Predator mask on a Punjab stick. (Where do I even find a Punjab stick???)



Guys or Girls can rock this costume. Fellas, grab standard black polyester pants, a black leather belt, tough black boots. Go shirtless and add the black Galway body harness, matching Forza cuffs (you can wear them or hang them from your belt). Get a silver badge to clip on your harness and a Police hat, plus dark aviator shades. 

Ladies, same MO. Layer fishnets under a sleek short black collared jumpsuit, with a body harness on top, a black belt with the cuffs attached, and big black boots. Don’t forget your badge on your hip, a Police hat, and black aviators. Now you’re ready to arrest hearts and imaginations. Hands against the wall. SPREAD EM.



Want to haunt your lover’s dreams? Grab some slouchy black work pants, plain black sneakers and pair with a rumpled brown fedora and knife-blade costume gloves. Add the Lano Body Harness and the Verona Cat Eye Mask, along with some red makeup burn marks. Just whatever you do, don’t fall asleep.


Halloween is a fabulous time of year to let your freakiest flag fly – because in the midst of all those crazy costumes, you’ll fit right in. You can’t go wrong with updated classics like sexy cat, dog, witch or devil, especially when they make you feel like strutting your stuff. So whether you decide to go full kink, or simply spice up a vanilla bean ensemble, Liberator Leather has the goods for a ghoulishly great Halloween, complete with sinfully carnal costumes! Now, get out there and SLAY!

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