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Couple kissing
nude couple in water

Breezy Booties: Get Naked in the Summer Sun

Stripping down and bearing it all gives you a more positive body image, liberation, relaxation, and stress release. I’m encouraging all our readers to consider the joys, benefits, and excitement of nudity and celebrate National Nude Day!
Illustration of sexy man and woman

Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Winner: "And, Scene"

Strapped in a seated position on their Black Label Esse Lounger was Ryan, wearing nothing but a blindfold and a pair of her panties. Though the straps were surprisingly tight for being self-secured, his right arm was a little too loose for her liking.
Wet Sexy Couple

Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: Waterproof

Rosie hadn’t always embraced her squirting. Even the word made her uncomfortable. She’d much rather say flooding, gushing, overflowing, or something that didn’t sound quite so…porny.
Sexy woman in pink lingerie

Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: Break From The Norm

She grabs the cuffs, slightly slides my legs apart, drops down to her knees and starts placing one around my ankle. I can feel the smooth leather slowly tighten around my leg. Her fingers slowly drift across the top of my foot as she moves to the other.
Sexy Couple

Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: Prelude To Play

I was counting on my new queen-sized surprise–the new Black Label Prelude Sex Bench, to set the mood. Tonight, we would be enemy spies and I would get the drop on her. 
The Light of Love: Sexy Couple holding each other

Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: The Light of Love

Alexander walks into the bedroom. Lily is laying on her Esse Chaise. The room is dimly lit. Alexander drops the clothes and walks towards her. Lily holds out her hand and pulls him toward her.
Woman on top of man pulling on leash attached to collar he's wearing

Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: The Interrogation

“Since you’re not willing to give me the extra present you bought, I’ve no choice but to interrogate you to see if I can get the information out of you” he said with a smile. “You can try but you’re not going to be successful.”
sexy woman writing in journal

Lusty Lit 2023 Erotica Contest: Go Full Swing

Liberator Unzipped is hosting its annual Lusty Lit Erotica Contest! Do you love to write steamy erotic literature that turns people ON? Would you enjoy a $1000 shopping spree from Liberator.com? Of course you would! Send us your wildest, most seductive story involving Liberator products for your chance to win! 
Top 5 kink blogs in 2022

The Best BDSM Blogs BDSM Blogs in 2022

While finding kinky blogs to explore may be easy, finding the best BDSM blogs to add to your reading list is a whole different ball gag. Well, I have good news for all you masochists who don’t want their pain play to come in the form of a lengthy Google search (and sadists and the whole kinky crew): we’ve done all the work for you!
Woman and man holding laptops and books in front of a blackboard with math equations

Test Your Liberator Knowledge: An Interactive Fan Quiz

Are you a sex furniture superfan? Test your Liberator knowledge to find out!
Close-up of a blank crossword puzzle

Test Your Sex Knowledge: Liberator Times Crossword Puzzle

Is your sex knowledge up to snuff? Find out if you’re a true sex guru with this stumper of a crossword puzzle!