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2020 Lusty Lit Contest Winner: A Successful Party

Silhouette of two pairs of legs in front of someone sitting on a couch
2020 Lusty Lit Contest Winner: A Successful Party

The holiday party was over and by all accounts it was a fantastic success. Julian, my husband, asked me to make this the best party ever and from the smile on his face, it had happened. The bar staff and caterers were wrapping up and about to leave, and Julian was escorting our guests out.

I retreated to our bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Standing at 5’4” with shimmering blonde shoulder-length hair and a tight, sexy body obtained from too many hours in the gym obsessing about my fitness, I looked smoking hot in my dress, stockings, and 4 ½” Louboutin red stilettos. All I wanted now was to have Julian come in and ravish me.  

I looked at the bed and a slight frown came across my face. In my bare feet, our bed was perfect for me, bending over and offering myself. Yet with my heels, I was too tall to get that ideal tilt and fit for a fantastic orgasm. Despite several glasses of champagne, I quickly remembered my new Wedge. It was gifted to me at a fun girl's night out where we exchanged naughty presents. Tossed in the love seat on the opposite side of our bed for weeks, it had languished unused.  

Listening outside, I could hear Julian saying goodbye to the caterers and my naughty mind was fast at work. I dimmed the lights, removed my dress, bra, and G-string. Then I arranged the Wedge on the bed and leaned myself over it, exposing my ass framed by black lace top garters, stockings, and my ‘fuck me’ heels.  

I could feel the heat spread over my body, knowing that Julian would enjoy all of me tonight. Our minds must have been on the same sensual wavelength as I heard Julian change the music to our hot sexual playlist that signals his desire. I shuddered as I could feel the moisture dripping from my waxed, smooth pussy.  

Suddenly, I could feel Julian standing at the door, looking at me. I heard him murmur and then his hands were on my back. He gave me a soft kiss on the back of my neck and as his finger traced the wetness between my legs.  

He leaned over and whispered into my ear a simple request- extend my arms out across the bed and keep my eyes closed. Aroused, I played along. I complied, knowing how Julian was such an Alpha male and loved playful bondage.  

I felt the silk blindfold tie behind my head, and then the silk scarf stretching my hands across the bed. Julian had tied them tight. I was exposed and vulnerable, and my pussy was drenched as the Wedge correctly exposed me.  

I felt his hand touch my exposed ass and he used his foot to spread my legs wider, giving him what he wanted - open access. I could feel him staring at me and my entire body became flush. My erect nipples ached and pressed into the bed.  

My mind was spinning with champagne and arousal. My scent filled the room as I could feel the touch of fingers tracing the outline of my pussy. I heard Julian's voice, yet it was in front of me, not behind me. "Rene, enjoy what you have always wanted."  

His voice continued. I was confused and aroused as I could feel the heat of a cockhead pressing against my openness.  

"While you were busy getting all naughty and wet in here, I was visiting with Anthony and Natalia. We came looking and found your sexual presentation meant only for me. I have known for a long time how you have lusted after Anthony. When I say go, he is going to have you as he wants. I want you to enjoy it and know that Natalia and I are sitting on the love seat watching," he said. 

My mind was spinning and my pussy ached while my confusion added to my excitement. Anthony and Julian, best friends since college, and Alpha males who always got what they wanted. Many mornings after Julian left for work, I used my sex toys, playing out different scenes in my head with them having me as their sexual play toy.  

Anthony, with his jet-black curly hair and blue eyes, was a walking heartthrob. From seeing him around our pool in the summer, I knew he was adequately endowed with a thick cock. My breath became ragged as I waited for Julian's command. 

The tension in the room was about to explode, and despite overloaded sensations, my mind was on high alert. I picked up the sound of Julian's zipper and a moan from him. Natalia was sucking his cock. Before I could process this, I heard Julian say, "Go." The heat of Anthony's cock filling me in one firm deep stroke was all I needed. I exploded in what would be the first of many orgasms.  

The sounds of sex filled the air, and Anthony's thickness filled me repeatedly. His pace increased and the swelling in his cock matched my pace. Our orgasms were about to collide. As I felt his cum explode inside me, my orgasm exploded seconds later.  

As time slowed, I realized the blindfold was gone and I looked to see Natalia take Julian deep in her throat. I knew the sounds from Julian were his filling Natalia's mouth with thick, salty cum.  

The scene was surreal, and at the same time, there was an eerie calmness. I looked into Julian's eyes. I was about to be devoured. He stood and untied my hands and kissed me deeply. Natalia joined him and kissed me deeply to complete the circle of lovers. 

I was a woman on fire as I rolled onto my back and offered myself to all three of them. I felt Anthony press the Wedge under my ass, exposing my flesh to all of them. The night was young, and the sex-driven passion that filled the air was strong. It was the perfect ending to a perfectly planned party.

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D. Damon
That was probably one of the best erotica I've ever read. It was short but flowed as fast as the sexual tension would rise and fall. Very nice!