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Woman in a bunny mask holding a flogger with a laptop in her lap

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Socially Distanced Date Night

I can feel my pussy pulsing with a combination of the vibrations and some of your words, sir. I feel like I'm owned, and that makes me wet. What would you like me to do next, sir?
Woman pulling down the bra of another woman from behind

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Magic Castle Ride

I felt hypnotized by her deep blue eyes and full red lips. She was totally nude, her tits full accompanied by large pretty pink areolas. She was about the same cup size as me, 36D. She knew I was looking at them.
Fortune cookie being held between chopsticks

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Fortune-ately

I knelt over him and started licking his balls and tickling his perineum, but he said, "I don't want your fingers, I want your mouth. All of it." So I took his cock deep into my mouth and started rhythmic, full-length strokes, just as he had done for me.
Statue of a Greek god lounging and holding a cornucopia of fruit in one arm

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Riding the Bull of Heaven

He could feel his prostate swell, like a small rose bursting into bloom. There was an ache inside of him, not just his ass, not just the tight layer of muscles around his hole, but deeper. That place where the god’s words flutter and fill with a burning thirst, a need.
Ancient Indian stonework depicting an orgy

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Extra Stream

The idea came from listening to her students after class one evening. “Our instructor would probably be good at the Kama Sutra the way she bends!” At first, Kara was a bit shocked. The more she thought about it, however, the more the idea intrigued her curiosities.
Topless man and woman standing with the legs of an off-camera woman propped against them

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Chaising Bliss

I watch as his head struggles to make an entry at first. Wyatt takes his time, easing into her as I stand over Alec, watching. Once the entire length of the shaft is in, he rests for a while, allowing both of their bodies to adjust. Alec moves back against him, surprisingly. "Oh no, Alec," I state. “Don't think you have a say in this. You lay there. Wyatt sets the pace here. "
Woman holding a leash attached to a man in a leather puppy hood

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Working From Home

"Go on puppy, fetch!" She belts out a mirthful laugh at the sight of her obedient boyfriend bounding from the corner of the bed into a gallop, almost colliding with the door frame in his rush.
Woman lying on her side in bed holding a bouquet of flowers behind her back

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Your Turn

As she took first one, then the other of my nuts into her mouth I couldn't help but moan. She rubbed her soft, lovely tits up and down my cock. Then her mouth engulfed my shaft and she started teasing me with her mouth and hand work. I yelled, "Oh, please! More!"
Overhead view of woman straddling man and pinning his hands in bed

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Perfectly Positioned

Reenacting everything about the fantasy we'd shared, I leaned forward, positioning his elevated hips into the perfect spot to hit that orgasmic spot deep within me. One hand cupping my breast and the other reaching to rub my clit, I felt the electric energy in the air as we both slipped entirely into our primal need to climb to an explosion as quickly as possible.
Woman with her back to the camera pulling up a man's turtleneck

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Eros Liberated

I delight in the feeling of his cock sliding inside me. The lounger supports us perfectly as he starts rocking his hips, sliding deep into me and nearly out. My hand slides down and I start stroking my clit softly. He moans again as I start matching his thrusts.
Woman in lacy eye mask lounging on velvet sofa

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Lusty Tango

Their heavy breathing and occasional groans of pleasure filled the darkness. Jenna reached down and stroked the length of his cock bulging against his pants. A deep reverberation of satisfaction vibrated from him; it grew louder when his hand found her undergarments soaked, her body slick with desire.
Woman lying back in bed with a hand touching her crotch

2020 Lusty Lit Contest Entry: Solo Sessions

What I lack in the ass department I make up for in my titties; they are unashamedly my favorite part of my body. 32E means they’re big enough for me to grab a handful and let them both spill out my hands like Play-Doh and they’re just as soft. I used to hate my saucer-sized areolas but now my tongue runs over every bump on them, only stopping periodically to flick my nipples.