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Our Most Intense Positions for Gay Couples

Two men in underwear lying in bed with a Liberator Wedge under one man's leg
Our Most Intense Positions for Gay Couples

Top 13 Gay Sex Positions

When you think of gay sex positions, you probably think of porn performers with flawless bods and gazelle-like dexterity! Of course, they are paid good money to make sex look easy and effortless. But when it comes to trying gay sex positions in real life, regular folk can end up feeling awkward or showy. True lovemaking involves more than just an epic performance of bumping and grinding. In fact, greater pleasure is derived when bodies can remain continually aligned and connected. You can bridge the gap between real life and fantasy of gay sex positions with Liberator Sex Furniture. Our innovative products provide variations in sex positions and let couples experience a profound difference in sexual pleasure. You'll be able to perform better and last longer.

A Little Extra Oomph!

A whole range of sensations arise while trying gay sex positions on Liberator Shapes. Our product will help with hip rotation which can result in going deeper and hitting your lover's sweet spot. Another possibility is having your bodies perfectly aligned. Your lover can offer the ultimate backstage pass because the pressure of the back and torso are being relieved. Less tension means more enjoyment for you both.  Having increased comfort can help relax the nerve endings, leaving each of you receptive to some stronger stimulation. You can both focus on lasting longer and enjoying the experience because you are concentrating less on how things look...and more on how things feel. Plus, you'll have more thrusting power because the weight of your body is shifted off the joints.

Permission Granted

Even if you don't have a Liberator Shape yet, go ahead and try a few of these gay sex positions simply using a pillow. Now, imagine how much better sex will be with a product precisely angled and designed for delivering maximum sensation. Our supportive furniture-grade foam doesn't shift or deflate. You don't have to stop and re-fluff! It's a platform for your best performance yet.

Here are 13 of our favorite gay sex positions you should try tonight!

#1 - Seize the Night

The Black Label Esse is the ideal platform for this standing from-behind position. It's especially good for couples who have differing heights. You can use the center scoop for added height and lift while your partner thrusts from behind. Don't worry about slipping, the Black Label Esse is covered in a soft microfiber that clings to your body and other Liberator Shapes. If you're concerned about your lover getting away from you---simply connect our Plush Cuffs to the many connector points affixed on the Black Label Esse.

#2 - The Vista

There's nothing better than achieving gay sex positions with ease. The Liberator ESSE Chaise II is a great sex furniture piece that lets you explore impromptu lovemaking.  The synthetic lambskin cover looks and feels exactly like premium leather but is also stain resistant and wipes clean after the fun is done. Use the dips and curves of the ESSE Chaise II to add more leverage to your thrusting power. This easy-to-straddle piece is amazingly sturdy and supportive.

# 3 - The Push-Up

The Liberator Wedge is our iconic sex pillow! Lightweight and easy to move around, you'll be able to achieve one of the most amazing gay sex positions with minimal effort using this Shape. The sloped end of the Wedge offers lower back support as you tilt your knees toward your chest. Easing into this position take little effort. Simply slide your body up the angled portion of the Wedge and slowly bend your hips upward. You will be in perfect alignment as your lover lowers themselves on top.

#4 - Take a Bow

Our Wedge/Ramp Combo is the most versatile sex pillow for gay sex positions. You can use the product together or separately---all depending on your mood. Add more power to your doggy-style routine by leaning your chest onto the Wedge and resting your knees on the edge of the Ramp. These two sex wedges are great to use on memory-foam mattresses or off the bed. The bottom can easily rock their body back and forth and add more emphasis on the depth of penetration.

#5 - Smooth Operator

We love how the Wedge/Ramp Combo uses pitch and angle for aligning two bodies together. This position has a more straight on approach and offers intimate contact between lovers. The cushy, soft surface of these sex wedges feel great against bare skin. This is a great position that lets you both control the depth and speed of penetration.

#6 - Prince of Wales

Achieving more complex gay sex positions like the Prince of Wales is possible with the help of the Liberator Ramp. Whether you're using it on a bed or on a floor, the Ramp provides the perfect amount of angle and pitch for your favorite from-behind positions. The width of the Ramp allows the top to press into positions and helps alleviate any joint discomfort. Plus, it really helps tilt your lover's bum in the air!

#7 - Down Periscope

What we really love about all of our Liberator Shapes is that they are great for people with bad backs. Our popular sex Ramp really amps up gay sex positions by providing a supportive and comfortable platform that holds up your body. By laying down on the slope, you will be able to relieve pressure on the lower back while your lover helps support and hold your legs. Plus, the blood rush to your brain is an extra bonus point.

#8 - Curve Control

Want to know why we love this position so much? Although you may not see a third party in the picture, it does not mean they aren't waiting in the wings. The ESSE is the perfect platform for inviting a guest to the party. Use the curves and contours to your advantage and feel supported and comfortable while engaging two lovers.

# 9 - SuperDoggy

If you have not tried SuperDoggy, then you are missing out on one of the best gay sex positions ever! Not for the timid, the SuperDoggy is the ultimate anal sex adventure position. Using the Liberator Ramp, position your knees at the end and pitch your body downward. This will place your bum high in the air and your lover can come in at an entirely new direction while standing. For lovers who truly want more action, the SuperDoggy won't disappoint.

#10 - Deep Impact

The best Shape when attempting this sex position is most-definitely the ESSE. Great for flexible lovers who are different sizes, this position uses the center dip of the ESSE for added support during grinding penetration. We recommend the more petite lover play the passive role while the larger lover uses the higher curve for leverage and control.

#11 - Grab & Go

You don't need much endurance for this position. Great for afternoon quickies, the Grab & Go can be performed on the edge of the bed using the Liberator Wedge. Couples can go straight from foreplay to penetration with the help of this slice of heaven. With your body parts perfectly aligned, you can take it nice and slow or go hard and fast.

#12 - Over Easy

Great for extra leverage and control during anal sex, the Wedge is going to be your best friend. We love this sex wedge because it's easy to use and does not get in the way of your fun. Simply slide the Wedge under your lower back and position your ankles on your lover's shoulders. They will be able to tip forward without losing their balance. You can alter the pitch and angle by adjusting how far you go up on the Wedge.

#13 - Slippery Slope

Gay sex positions do not have to always include penetration. You can also enjoy a myriad of oral sex positions by using one product---the Wedge! As you can see, our beloved sex pillow lets you achieve a host of positions that are pleasing for both partners. We love this particular position because your goodie basket is out in the open and ready for a feast!
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