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PLUSH Seduction Velcro Wrist, Ankle, and Blindfold Kit for Bondage Play from Liberator

PLUSH Seduction Velcro Wrist, Ankle, and Blindfold Kit for Bondage Play from Liberator

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  • Wrist and ankle bindings heighten senses.
  • Loveblind® blindfold transforms familiar sensations into mysterious enticements.
  • Enhanced sensations due to anticipation and mystery.
  • Cuffs are hand-crafted with luxuriously soft microfiber for comfort.
  • Designed for versatility: Suitable for bedposts and Liberator bondage furniture and Shapes®.
  • Kit includes: Wrist and ankle cuffs, Loveblind® no-peek blindfold, 4 cuff connectors, 4 tethers.


Explore Forbidden Desires with the PLUSH Seduction Wrist, Ankle, and Blindfold Bondage Play Kit from Liberator

Amidst the dim lighting and soft murmurs, wrists meet delicate bindings and ankles become sensuously restricted. Every snap, every tug takes you and your lover deeper into a realm where senses are heightened, and every touch sends shivers down your spine. With the veil of the Loveblind® no-peek blindfold, the familiar becomes mysteriously enticing, and your partner's body transforms into a canvas of tantalizing sensations. 

Imagine this: The setting is an opulent room of a long-lost chateau. You find yourself tied to a vintage four-poster bed. You can't see, but you can feel—the gentle caress of silk, the soft whisper in your ear, and the tantalizing sensations your partner bestows upon you. With every tether tied and each cuff clasped, anticipation builds, and fantasies unfold.

Crafted with unparalleled tenderness, our cuffs envelop you in the most luscious microfiber embrace, ensuring comfort while surrendering control. Versatile by design, they effortlessly wrap around bedposts or pair perfectly with Liberator bondage furniture and Shapes®. Dive into your desires with this all-inclusive kit: sumptuous wrist and ankle cuffs, the irresistible Loveblind® blindfold, four cuff connectors, and four tethers. Surrender, explore, and ignite passion like never before.

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