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Pussy Power Moves: Classic Lesbian Sex Positions, Reimagined

Woman lying atop another woman grabbing her waist
Pussy Power Moves: Classic Lesbian Sex Positions, Reimagined

No matter how great of a lay you are, you can only succeed as much as a position allows you to. And though all the classic lesbian sex positions have their positives, they each have room for improvement. Whether you’re looking to impress a new lady lover or wow your long-term gal, these enhanced girl-on-girl plays are sure to do the trick. 

If you love 69, try...

The London Bridge

Lesbian 69 oral sex with Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo

The only thing better than oral is double oral. Why take turns when you could both experience the bliss of each other’s cunning linguist skills at once?! The traditional 69 position (i.e., on a boring bed) can make the Bottom feel squashed, therefore squashing the fun. The London Bridge resolves this oral sex woe by angling the Top’s body directly above, rather than directly on, their partner with help from the Wedge Ramp Combo

If you love Toy Play, try...

Babes in Toyland

Lesbians using sex toys with the Liberator Tula Toy Mount

Want to add some fantastic plastic lovers into the mix? Babes in Toyland—and by proxy, the Tula Toy Mount—brings more intimacy and interactivity to simultaneous toy use by placing couples face-to-face and freeing their hands up to touch one another. With one person’s feet resting on the other’s shoulders, their partner can kiss and nibble at her calves or suck on her toes while riding their vibe or dildo. Having one party’s legs in the air also allows the other to enjoy the view of what’s between their lover’s splayed legs. 

If you love Doggy Style, try...

Power Plow

Lesbian strap-on sex using Liberator Ramp sex wedge

When you’re in the mood to get rough and dirty, doggy positions are the perfect match for your “take charge” or “take it” desires. Power Plow provides an ideally angled resting spot for the Bottom's torso, and the Ramp acts as a comfy-yet-sturdy barrier for thighs so the Top can pound away as vigorously as they please without the Bottom losing balance. With support from the Ramp, Power Plow lets your doggy fun go harder and longer.

If you love Facesitting, try...

Magic Carpet Ride

Lesbian facesitting on Liberator Esse sex furniture

The Magic Carpet Ride improves facesitting by giving the Top even further control over the pressure of her pussy on the Bottom’s face, as a semi-standing position provides a better range of movement. Lifting the body or grinding down is far easier when you don’t have to rely on thigh strength alone, and the Esse’s headrest acts as a supportive base for steadying yourself, too. Plus, queening feels far more queenly when you add a stunning throne in for you and your boo. 

If you love Standard Oral, try...

Elevated Oral

Lesbian cunnilingus using Liberator Wedge sex pillow

Want to lick your lady for longer? Of course you do. Elevated Oral makes giving head more maintainable by lifting the receiver’s pelvis, thereby relieving pressure on the giver’s neck. With the Wedge in tow, you can say goodbye to sore necks and practice the art of cunnilingus for however long you please. 

Just as fine artists require quality supplies to create to the best of their abilities, bedroom artists too must have the proper accoutrements on hand to truly excel at their craft. By bringing erotic furniture and positioning shapes into the mix, you’ll find out just how high you can soar. Add to your classic lesbian sex position repertoire and impress your partner with your artistry.

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