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How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part Two

sexy couple in lingerie in bed
How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part Two

You set the mood with How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part One. Now get ready to burn the house down in How to Have a Valentine Staycation! Part Two. Our sensual, seductive plans including games, toys and roleplaying will have you both breathless and spent by the end of the night.

Naughty Game Night

woman wearing garters with a playing card tucked in it for naughty game night

Pull out the board games for Naughty Game Night. Take your average Jenga set and write commands on each block, ranging from flirty to dirty. Things like “Kiss anywhere”, “Lick whip cream off a body part”, “Remove one piece of clothing”, and “Leave a hickey”. (Take cues from this list). Play a card game like strip poker. Playing Naked Twister is sure to lead to naughty face-to-face encounters. 

Naked Tantric Yoga

couple practicing tantric yoga

Revel in sexual relaxation with naked tantric yoga followed by sensual massages. Choose an easy yoga video (Visit Couples Yoga on YouTube), roll out the mats, and get naked! Once you work through the positions, unwind further, giving each other massages. Have massage oil candles nearby and massage stones for extra oomph. The massage stones can be used for temperature play too. Sensual massage provides an incredible segue to oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Note: you might lose all track of time enjoying your partner’s body!


Young happy couple covered in paint from Love is Art kit

The Love Is Art kit provides everything you need for a sensual, artistic evening with organic, non-toxic, washable body paint, a blank canvas, a painter's tarp, disposable slippers, and a body scrubber. Craft your own unique erotic masterpiece, mount it on canvas, and display it proudly. No one will ever suspect that you created it with your naked bodies and wild, animalistic passion!

Strip Tease Live!

Sexy woman giving a strip tease to a sexy man sitting on a sofa

Take a burlesque class and put on a show. Burlesque is more than just stripping. It’s a powerful art form with a storied history, fabulous costumes, fun props, and creative performances. Think Dita Von Teese or Magic Mike. You can even take the classes in the comfort of your own home. Curate your own playlist on Spotify to accompany your performance. Not enough time to learn burlesque? No problem! Put on a sexy outfit, high heels, your favorite song to dance to, and let loose! (wine helps) They won't care if you can actually dance or not, they'll just be thrilled you're stepping out of your comfort zone for them.

Amateur XXX Video

Sexy Movie

Film a sexy video night worthy of Pornhub. Buy a ring light for professional-looking results. Create the perfect set with the Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo, Esse Black Label Lounger, or the Axis Toy Mount for various salacious positions. Keep it amateur or create a plot and wear costumes. Choose a space scene with a chained princess (aka the Princess Leia fantasy), a Fosse-inspired slinky cabaret, or a cat-and-mouse game between two sexy spies. The best part about having your very own porn is watching the videos again and again afterward. Nothing is more exciting than watching your partner in a custom made porno. 

Sex Toy Party!

large assortment of sex toys

It's a sex toy party and you're invited! Pull out your favorites or splurge on new toys. Blindfold your partner or tie them up on a Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo and test your lover’s limits. Ever tried temperature play? NJoy makes fabulous stainless steel toys that can be used hot or cold. Maybe you want something more shocking? Electroshock toys give your lover an exciting little zap!

Perhaps her clit is tired of overstimulating? New clitoral stimulators like the Biird Namii, the LELO Sona 2, and We-vibe Melt offer sonic vibrations and sucking that allow her to keep going all night long.

Maybe he wants something to enhance his pleasure? Adding a vibrating cock ring while you fuck can blast you both to the moon. Or maybe he’s a bit more adventurous and wants to try a cock ring with a plug attached? Like your sexy night, the possibilities are endless

Kinky Bondage Night

sexy woman tethered to an Esse Lounger while a sexy man touches her

Turn your bedroom into a sex dungeon and have a BDSM night. Liberator designed the Black Label Bondage collection with this spectacularly sexy purpose in mind. The collection includes Shapes, furniture, restraints, blindfolds, crops, and floggers that transforms you're sleeping area into a wild, sexy playscape. Strap your lover down on the Black Label Esse Lounger II. Low on space? Black Label Shapes don’t take up as much room as a chaise but offer the same scandalously thrilling bondage play options. The Black Label Hipster is a personal favorite because you can get really creative, using it on the bed or the floor, for endless sexual position options. 

New to the world of kink? Check out Kink Responsibly for great guidelines on safe and fun bondage play. Adding a blindfold undeniably heightens the senses and makes everything more intense. For beginners, use a flogger. They dance smoothly against the skin. The impact is less intense; the thud spreads out over a larger surface area; and you won’t necessarily leave marks. Advanced players can skip ahead to the crops, which offer more concentrated stings and lasting marks. Whatever you decide to do, check in with your partner and follow up sessions with after care. Kink can be a phenomenal way to explore your hidden desires and connect deeply.

Doves cried, fireworks exploded, mountains moved. Your Valentine Staycation Part Two is a rousing success and you're both spent. Keep the flames of passion flickering and incorporate some of these V-Day ideas into your regular repertoire. Your Valentine Staycation comes just once a year...but the sexy vibes are here to stay!

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