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Sizzling Holiday Sex

Man and woman in the kitchen wearing Santa hats with a Christmas tree in the background
Sizzling Holiday Sex

Sex up the Season

Sex up the season with our pleasurable, playful plan for sizzling holiday sex, including a curated collection of erotic music, toys, shapes and furniture. You'll have that naughty elf moaning "ho, ho, ho" all the way.

Set the Sexy Mood

Set the mood for sizzling holiday sex with sultry seasonal songs. We made a playlist just for the occasion! Crank up the heat in the kitchen so you can wear an apron and nothing else. Delicious cocktails get the chef and taste-tester extra saucy. Dance around the kitchen and slide into drop moves against the fridge (try not to break your neck). Tease your partner with flirty panty flashes and lip licking. Sweep the countertop open, boost them up, and go downtown. You’ll be able to wink at each other later, knowing that you got a little too flirty next to the figgy pudding. 

Take It up a Naughty Notch

It seems inconceivable but true...you can save that sizzling mood once guests arrive! Listen to Hotta Chocolatta by Ella Fitzgerald while you get ready, dabbing your favorite fragrance on pulse points. Layer risque lingerie under your normal clothes…luxe bra and panties, stockings with garters, crotchless panties, and jockstrap-esque briefs. Send your partner a sneaky, sexy selfie, so they know what’s coming. Pull them into the pantry for french kisses and lusty gropes. Sex it up a notch with remote-controlled toys, like hands-free vibrators, vibrating cock rings, and butt plugs. No one will notice if you have a boisterous crowd or music playing. Exchange the remotes so you can secretly ramp each other up into a sensual frenzy.

Down for a Decadent Dessert

Post-party, when the guests are gone, it’s time for a tasty dessert. “Alexa, play Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt!” Turn down the lights and slowly strip down to skivvies and stilettos, then crawl across the bedroom on your hands and knees. Graze your partner’s body with your fingertips, kiss along their jawline, climb on top of them, grab their hair and kiss them deeply for a few minutes. Bring out the blindfold. Sensory play is a perfect tease. Drizzle them with warm massage oil from a candle. Sit your partner down and stroke them with a feather or flogger, breathe on them in sensitive places, and maybe lick them with the tip of your tongue. Anticipation builds up the excitement for mind-blowing holiday sex. 

Spank Me Santa

Finally midnight falls. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire by Diego Riedemann plays softly in the background.  Time to unwrap ultimate desires! Surprise them with a Wedge and a cock sleeve for deeper, wider penetration. (Sizes vary, so you can find a perfect fit.) Don’t forget to lube that shaft! Blow both your minds with doggy-style double penetration using a great dildo. Bend over the Esse Chaise, and sex hits even deeper. They will love the open access and exceptional X-rated view. Without a doubt, it won’t take long feeling those incredible sensations before they erupt. You both drift off, snuggled in bed, with visions of your erotic Christmas night still in your head.

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