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Mind over Batter: The Benefits of Edging and Delayed Pleasure

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Mind over Batter: The Benefits of Edging and Delayed Pleasure

By Adam Gates of NakedHealthy

Benefits of EdgingThere's been a lot written on the benefits of edging. Some experts say delaying orgasm is a great way of building positive sexual tension. Edging can create an entirely new awakening for sexual well-being especially when the orgasm is taken out of the equation. Now, I get how the idea of delaying gratification is a hard pill to swallow. So, putting the theory to the test, I decided to try it for myself.

Here's my experience on the benefits of edging. 

Mind Over Batter!

The point of edging is not to cause frustration, but rather, developing the focus on pleasure. I found myself saying, "f*ck it" and went for the sweet release after the first few tries. Over time, however; I got better at holding off on the orgasm. With every successful attempt, I began noticing the increased sensations. Sure, you may have to lather, rinse and repeat a few times, but don't get discouraged.

Focused Pleasure

Delaying your orgasm for something better in the future is simple. I recommend going a couple of solo rounds before using the benefits of edging with your partner. You can start by using a favorite lube and your hand. Try focusing your attention on the journey and not the destination.  Having diversions, like touching other parts of your body can help you stay close to the edge without wheeling the entire cart over.

Sexual Stamina

Another benefit of edging is creating stronger sexual stamina. Now if you're anything like me, you're going to need a "helping hand" while practicing the benefits of edging. Plus, jerking off with your hand can become mundane over time. I developed overall stamina using the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit along with the Liberator Top Dog Fleshlight Toy Mount.

No Gym Membership Required

Like my momma used to say, "Practice Makes Perfect!" But I don't think she was referring to masturbation. Edging is like a workout for your dick. However, a gym membership is not required. You can practice edging during a sleepless night, lunch break, or over the span of a long weekend. The more intentional and conscious your thoughts, the more benefits of edging you will reap. You can even enlist the help of a so-called teasing "personal trainer." Having a partner on hand makes it a whole lot more fun and exciting.

Fabulous Foreplay

A great way to maximize the benefits of edging is engaging in slow and thoughtful foreplay. You'll be more aware and conscious during sex and will feel more connected to your partner. After a few weeks of mindful edging, you may even experience insanely mind buzzing, full body multiple orgasms.

Benefits of Edging

There are all kinds of varying benefits of edging after 5 to 7-days. Here are a few examples:
  • An increase in testosterone.
  • Elevated mood along with more physical and mental energy.
  • Overwhelming sexual desire and willingness to dry hump anything at penis level.
  • Harder and stronger erections.
  • Faster arousal and semen retention.
  • Partner claims of you having a larger penis.

The Best Benefits of Edging

The best benefits of edging are the noticeable increase of happy hormones. My brain is constantly buzzing with sexually fueled endorphins. I can get hard at the drop of a hat! But what I really enjoy, however; is how edging made me into a more confident and giving lover. By delaying my orgasm, I can now focus the attention on my partner.

Get Started Soon

Go ahead, and mark your calendar for next Monday and pleasure yourself until Sunday. With rewards like a larger feeling penis and mind-blowing orgasms, you’ll be glad you did. Here's to clean eating and dirty sex. _______________________________________ NakedHealthy Adam GatesWritten by Adam Gates the Founder of NakedHealthy, a holistic blog and social media channel. From swimming to running to bodybuilding, Adam has had a life of sports. After 15 years of modeling across the country, he took a 3-year nutritional journey to the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. There, Adam founded the holistic and wellness blog NakedHealthy. It is a representation of everything related to clean living—clean foods, clean mind, clean spirit. To sum up, the easiest way to live clean, Adam states, “don’t eat foods with ingredients.” Signup for more tips and lessons by NakedHealthy here.
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