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Necessity is the Mother of Pleasure: Sex While Pregnant

Sex While Pregnant
Necessity is the Mother of Pleasure: Sex While Pregnant

By Catherine O.

Sex while pregnant can be a wonderful experience for expecting parents. It's a great way of spending time together, indulging in desire and passion before the big event. Unfortunately, not every pregnant woman reacts positively to sex. Here are some ways you both can enjoy having sex while pregnant.

My Personal Account

For me, sex while pregnant was a mind-blowing experience following the first trimester. The first couple of weeks were rough. I was feeling dreadfully ill and extremely tired. At that point, I was more concerned about keeping food down and my head out of a toilet than having sex. I started feeling better toward the second trimester. The changes occurring in my body were overwhelming. My breasts felt heavy and sensitive. The extra blood flowing in my pelvic region made my genitalia feel engorged. To say the least, I was always ready for sex. I was bursting with so much life and sexual energy that I felt like Mother Earth herself.

Men, No Fear

Men commonly fear that having sex while pregnant will hurt the baby. I'm the first to say that you will not hurt your baby. The barrier of the mother's muscle tissue, amniotic fluid, and a cervical mucus plug protects the baby. Talking with her doctor is great for easing your nerves. Don't be afraid to ask sex-related questions. If, however, the doctor doesn't ease your mind or fails in being supportive, it might be time for finding a new doctor.  Sex is fine as long as the pregnancy normal.

Every Moment Counts

I recommend taking every opportunity possible for having sex. Quickies are great in the morning and help boost a pregnant woman's energy. Whatever time you both can steal away---go for it! Because after the baby's arrival, you will feel too tired for sex or might have to wait a while.

Insatiable Appetite for Sex while Pregnant

Food during pregnancy was delicious. But my cravings for sex were through the roof. Having sex made me feel emotionally grounded and powerful. My insatiable appetite for sex while pregnant also made for some intense orgasms. I could feel the powerful pulse of my orgasms make my uterus contract. Coming made me realize just how powerful I truly was. The awareness of my place in the natural cycle of life intensified my hormone highs. Pregnant women should never be denied satisfaction.

New Arrangements

Most women start feeling a bit heavy and awkward getting closer to term. This does not mean you still can't enjoy sex, however. Try modifying your position with something that feels safe and stable. Lying on your side while your partner spoons from behind can take the pressure off your belly. Some doctors recommend not lying flat on your back as this can cut off blood supply to the pelvic region and cause some serious issues. I enjoyed using the Liberator Ramp during the latter part of my pregnancy. The Shape kept me in position while offering a nice incline for my lover to gain access during penetration. Plus, it kept my big belly comfortably out of the way.

Oral Arguments

I've heard pro's and con's when it comes to having oral sex while pregnant. The pro is having an engorged and sensitive clitoris. Any type of stimulation would have me orgasming in no time flat. However, the con is resisting the urge to blow any air into her vagina while performing oral. Any air getting trapped in the artery or veins can be fatal if it travels to the heart or lungs. If you're feeling concerned with performing oral on your pregnant partner, may I suggest using a sex toy like the LELO Smart Wand 2.

Remain Playful

Communication and being playful are the two crucial elements of sex while pregnant. As her body grows, so will her hormone surges and moods. One minute she's crying and the next she had you pinned down on the bed. You can support your pregnant partner by listening and observing any subtle changes. Try setting your own frustrations aside and just go with the flow, and enjoy the journey into parenthood.
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