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The Esse Chaise Position Guide

A man positioned on top of a woman on the back of a Liberator Esse Chaise
The Esse Chaise Position Guide
By day, the Esse Chaise is a chic and sexy way to lounge, read, relax and unwind. By night, it turns into the ultimate lovemaking lounger. Inspired by the female form, this elegantly crafted chaise enhances sexual positioning. With soft sensuous curves and dips, the Esse Chaise guides and supports pelvic angling so that you can achieve incredible access and sensations. You'll look good doing some of our favorite positions like the Butterfly Catcher, Take the Plunge and Top Brass, just to name a few. essechaise_ill2

Speed Sports


Take the Plunge


Top Brass


Butterfly Catcher


Fallen Angel

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