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Squeeze Box: A Guide to Heavenly Breast Play

Hands of an off-camera man pulling down a woman's swimsuit top
Squeeze Box: A Guide to Heavenly Breast Play
Breasts. Tits. Cha-Cha's. Bazooms. Melons. Cupcakes. No matter the name, big or small, we love them all! An incredible part of the female form, breasts always seem to attract the most attention. And why not? They are spectacular. But tits are more than just eye candy---they are an essential erogenous zone---a sexual organ.
Boobs are a vital part of female sexual expression. And the truth is breasts play a major role in how most women feel before, during, and even after sex. When done right, breast play can instantly boost female arousal and also lets couples explore new ways of pleasing and teasing one another. So, the next time you're both about to hit the sack, bring the rack, and play with these special moves.

Know Your Audience

Each pair of boobs are unique and the women that come with them are just as different. Just because something has worked with one partner in the past, doesn’t mean the same will work for your next partner. Some women want breast stimulation in the form of tender, soft teasing, while others want a rougher approach. However, the 'breast' course of action for any good lover is to allow your partner to guide the effort at first.

The Hills are Alive

The wonderful thing about breasts is that they can stand at attention without much direct contact. Just the mere suggestion of sensual touch can increase the sensation in your breasts. Make your foothills into majestic mountains by having your lover rest his fingertips lightly in the middle of your chest. Moving them toward either breast, draw light circles over the entire area. By barely skimming your skin, it gently brushes the tiny hairs on your body creating bliss-inducing shivers.

Tickle Their Fancy

Some men get turned on with just the slightest touch. So, imagine what could happen if you rubbed your breasts all over his body while he's completely rendered helpless with the Liberator Bed Buckler. Start by caressing his lips with your nipples and allow him touch only with his tongue. But don't overlook the benefits his body can bring too. Press your boobs into his chest and then trace them further down to concentrate on all his erogenous zones like the navel, crease between thighs, penis, and his toes. The fact that he can't touch you will drive him wild.

Turn on the Headlights

Though not the most sensitive region of the chest, the nipples always seem to get the most attention during sex and foreplay. In fact, it's the skin directly above the areola is the real star. To feel more pleasurable sensations in that area, have your lover rub the 10 o'clock to two o'clock zones with an ice cube, then blow hot air on the wet parts for head-to-toe chills. Or, he can use the tip of his tongue to lick circles around the area, slowly moving down to your nipple and areola (the second most sensitive zone on your breast). The pressure from his tongue will activate the tiny muscles just beneath the surface that flicks on the high beams. Try some Good Clean Love Body Candy, a tasty body oil, to add even more treats for the tongue.

Wetter is Better

Mix things up by jumping in a steamy shower with your mate. The heat brings blood to the skin's surface and elevates body temperature, both of which make your skin more sensitive to the touch. Then have your lover soap up your breasts. The feeling of his hands slipping and sliding all over your ta-tas, combined with the hot water, will get both of your libidos charging. Also, consider experimenting with the settings on your shower head—the pulsate function will provide direct, massaging pressure, while a lighter one will feel more soothing. If you're in the mood for getting wet? He can massage your breasts with a steamy wet towel which has similar benefits.

Relish Them Yourself

We all know that boobs are the go-to spot for men. But very rarely (other than a monthly breast examination) do women luxuriate in their own curves. Regardless of cup size, a majority of women have the same amount of nerve endings which can cause them to grow up to 25% bigger when aroused. The trick, however, is to tailor the touch to your size. For women with larger endowments, you can handle a slightly firmer grip because of the fatty tissue, and during sex, try cupping them, lifting them, or even squeezing them. If you're more on the smaller scale, push them together with the sides of your arms, or while spooning, reach up and feel them jiggle with every thrust. For all women, play up your assets with a Maison Close Cupless Bra. Breasts always look best when framed in elegant lace and ribbons.

The Perfect Jewel

For some, having tit sex is sort of like driving a convertible automobile. It's fun at first, but once you're on the open road and hit top speed, you begin to wonder why you're even doing it. Although it may not make him ejaculate, squeezing a man's penis between two gorgeous pairs could be exciting. To make the ride go smoothly, have him lie back on a Liberator Ramp and slather some Sensuva INSANE Warming and Stimulating Personal Moisturizer on your chest. Cup those babies together and slide his erect penis back and forth. You may want to start off slow at first but then increase the pace. This specially formulated massaging lube, along with the smooth friction may be enough to offer your lover a new sensation that results in the ideal pearl necklace.

Chick Magnets

To maximize your stability and effect, try these techniques with the Liberator Esse Chaise. While you're on top, have your lover sit up and wrap your arms around his neck, pressing your breasts into his chest. Or, while in missionary, pull him toward you until your nipples graze his chest and focus on synchronizing your breathing. This touching and heaving at the same time will boost intimacy—and because arousal increases blood flow. Your breasts will feel warm, making your embrace feel even cozier. Obviously, breasts a loaded with sex appeal. And breast play can be a safe and titillating addition to any couple's sexual repertoire. But to truly maximize their potential---please take care of them and have them examined regularly. A healthy breast is a happy breast.
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