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Big Love: Sex on the Plus Side

Brunette woman lying on a Liberator Hipster
Big Love: Sex on the Plus Side

By Norma Glanz

I'm an unapologetic and sexy woman who weighs 300 lbs, has 60-inch hips, large voluptuous breasts, and a deliciously curvy apple-shaped ass. My body is healthy, beautiful and strong, and to celebrate it, I have copious amounts of sex with the man who loves every single inch of me. Our sex life is ahhhmazing (especially the foreplay) but due to my larger stature, we're limited to few position options. For instance, laying flat on my back for oral and my left side for any penetration. You see, when you're big like me, exploring new positions isn't as easy as it sounds, and that can really erode a girl's arousal and confidence. Here's just a few highlights of the sexual limits for I face every time I want to have sex. First off, positions such as doggy style and cowgirl (by the way, my all time favorites) put a lot of pressure on my joints, knees, and wrists. The downward angle of doggy does not support 300 pounds moving and thrusting action, especially when I'm attempting a balancing act on my hands and knees. Cowgirl poses a similar problem—there is never enough leverage to ride my lover. When we try, it usually results in my knees getting rug burn. Another position limit is while I'm receiving oral sex. Because of my shapely thighs, and the lack of hip flexibility, my legs can't spread beyond a certain point, and my lower back gets strained. This is not conducive to opening my buffet of heavenly delights for him to feast on. Then there's my belly. It's overlaps my pelvis and makes it difficult for even me to reach my vagina. Solo play is two-part task requires the use of two hands—one to lift the fat, and the other to take care of the pleasure. If those issues aren't challenging enough, I have (what some might consider) a "plus size pussy." This is because fat women, in general, have more padding that surrounds the mons pubis and labia. This creates a potentially tricky situation of trying to navigate toward the clit. Watching my partner and his delightfully gorgeous penis is blocked from my view as well. All of these obstacles and more leave me frustrated and disappointed. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not whining about my size, but time after time, the joy of sex is dampened by the ton of pillow rigging to prop my ass up. Once, I'm comfortably positioned, the thrill is gone, baby. Is it so wrong for me to ask for a more creative positions, jees!?

Just because I'm voluptuous, does not I have to skimp of my fantasies. I think it's fair to want to experience sex the way the "porn-side" of my brain sees it---moving from position to position, without taking a break.

To spice things up and boost my sexual confidence, my partner and I got a Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. Although the original size Wedge/Ramp Combo probably would have worked for the two of us, I'm glad we opted for the "plus size" version because what girl doesn't enjoy an extra 6 inches. It also gives us the extra space to play without me feeling like I'm going to roll off the edge. We looked at the Liberator Position Guide, which is located on their homepage, and decided to select a conservative position. Something that could enhance oral sex and not involve too much maneuvering. The result, freakin' incredible! Because introducing the Ramp and Wedge is an entirely new experience for some, I highly recommend getting to know the product before having sex. My initial response to lying back on the Ramp made me feel like my body was on display. It took a little time to get used to the height and angle, but the width of the Ramp gave me enough of a landscape that felt secure. Once we positioned the Wedge beneath my lower back, it tilted my hips upward, creating a more level playing field. Both Shapes combined created a cushiony, yet firm, platform for my weight and alleviated the pressure of my lower back and hips. Feeling comfortable and confident, we just went for it—our first ever off-the-bed oral sex encounter (him, off of the bed and standing, and me, supremely propped upon on my stage of Shapes). The Ramp creates just the right elevation and gave me the option to vary the position. I can bend my knees and spread, or pull them toward my chest. With the Wedge supporting my lower back, I have a lot more hip flexibility and can get my thighs far apart. The added flex and mobility has some amazing effects like opening up my plus-size pussy. Also, the angled pitch of my upper and lower half gives me a longer arm reach. I'm so excited to stretch directly between my legs and guide him toward the pleasure zone or watch if I feel so inclined. After a few successful attempts, our once typical oral sex experiences has quickly evolved into something extraordinary—all because of the Wedge/Ramp Combo. How "liberating" it is to fully engage in the rhythm of sex and no longer playing a passive role in our lovemaking. The best part is that he shows off his amazing repertoire of oral skills, and I show off my moving, thrusting, and grinding body. Because of these Shapes, we no are longer limping to the finish line but finishing with more energy and vitality. Fully engaged, we are now ready to master the art of the Doggy! Check back in the next few weeks for follow up posts about our adventures in plus-sized love! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Norma GlanzWritten by Norma Granz, a contributor for Liberator UnZipped. A recognized voice for "Big Love," Norma is at the forefront of the Body Awareness Movement. She's a dedicated voice for plus-size sex  and offers a new perspective on size diversity and sexual expression. Her goal, to finally abolish weight-stigma and garner support every body, so that they can pursue their own sexual gratification and expression.
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Nice article. We use an older cell phone as a wifi cam so my lady can watch me pleasure her, she enjoys watching the action on the medium size display in the bedroom.
Thank you for the article. My wife and I are both plus size and are thinking about experiencing some of what you write about. We are looking at the Liberator Esse. However, being large I am wondering whether it will not be wide enough or tough enough. Have you reviewed this product?