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Like to Watch: Our Top 15 Porn Parodies

Art, Film, Sex March 17, 2015

Porn parodies, a once cheap sub-genre of the adult movie market, are big business these days. Vivid and Hustler are now cranking out four to six of the movies a year and timing their releases to coincide with the mainstream films hit theaters. With budgets rivaling mainstream production houses, these porn parodies are filled with expensive special effects, real plots, actors that can (sometimes) act and quality costumes that even hard-core fans find authentic.


Erika Lust: Changing the Porn We Watch

Art, Film, Sex January 23, 2015

Her interest in erotica was sparked at an early age while viewing porn for the very first time at a girlfriend’s sleepover. After a few minutes of watching, Erika felt disenchanted by the lack of imagination, story line and unrealistic characters. The let-down happened again while studying Political Science at the University of Lund, where she watched porn with her then-boyfriend. This film has a similar effect, and Erika gave up on watching porn again.

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