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Pros: direct stimulation and suction, small size, easy to use controls, great for partner play

Cons: loud, unattractive design, singular use


There are two kinds of people in this world, those that think there are two kinds of people in this world and those that don’t. Since I am the former, I further dissect this into those that love clitoral vibes and those that love internal.

I’m all about the clit. Granted, its nice to have both, but what really butters my bread is external stimulation. That is why the Womanizer, with its focus solely on this one part of anatomy, is my new go-to vibe.

womanizer-vibrator-blackIntense would be the best word to describe it—but intense in a way that is different from my Smart Wand. With its hollow cone design for the tip, you get direct stimulation precisely where you want it. It works around the clitoris, so that the nerve endings are not pressed or dampened by pressure. And the motion provides suction, not just vibration, making it fantastic on your nipples as well. It’s a unique sensation because most vibes work by pressing down, and the harder you press the more vibration you feel. This feels like less work—less strain on your hand to keep it in place.

The magic for me was when using it with a partner. Its petite size and the way it folds over your pubic bone make it easy to use during sex. Rather than having a giant stick in the way of your partner, this manages to sit on top and leave the rest of you exposed for further stimulation.

The controls are very easy to use. One button for on and off, one to control the intensity. To lower the intensity, press the on/off button once. Hold the on/off for a few seconds to turn it off completely.  It comes with a USB charger and keeps its charge for a couple of hours. Pro tip: charge it before your first use. Mine did not come fully charged, and I felt like it wasn’t as powerful when I first tried it. Once charged, I was blown away.

womanizer-auflagevibrator-rosa-vibrator-1-8095814That’s not to say its perfect. I have a feeling version 2.0 will be stellar. First off, it looks like an ear thermometer—not exactly sexy! Personally, I dislike the name (um, womanizers are bad!) and look of the packaging. The pink case my vibe came in, while functionally perfect, came in Pepto pink—an uninspired color in the sexy toy world. And the vibe itself is leopard with a giant diamond gem for a button—a little on the tacky side. But, I’m not going to kick a good vibe out of bed based just on that; I just imagine with a slight redesign it will look as good as it feels.

Another downside is the noise. It’s not a jet engine taking off, but if you are worried about your roommate knowing what you are up to, you might want to wait until they are not at home. And if you get self conscious about noise while with a partner, you may want to have a LELO Siri handy.

Also, its laser-like focus on the clitoris is delightful until that moment when you hand slips a few centimeters and you loose your place in the moment. The way it fits on my body, and in my hand, could be slightly more ergonomic to make sure I don’t have to think about the placement of it.

Overall though, it’s my new fav. So good I can forgive the name. If you are an external girl, or if you want to spice up play with your partner, and aren’t afraid of the noise, you will love this vibe.

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