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Queen of Giants: Isabelle Shy

Where do you go to satisfy the cravings for a strange fetish?  The internet of course! It’s a magical place filled with obscure sexual content which falls outside social norms. This week’s artist gives us a curious taste of an entire sub-genre of self-made films.

Isabelle Shy

Isabelle Shy is a woman with many layers. Her whirlwind performances on her self-titled website embrace a host of quirky yet exciting kinks. As saying goes “to each is own,” Shy masterfully covers nearly every base subgenre fetish with a variety of creatively shot videos. Her sexy persona is the star of each episode.




Humans are complicated creatures. Nowhere is this more evident than in the fascinating world crafted by Isabelle Shy. Her fully-clothed videos serve as entertaining wank material for a vast audience of subgenre pleasure seekers. With over 225 videos under her belt, Isabelle demonstrated skillful talent in a series of provocative tales which feature her as a seductive giantess, balloon loving mistress, well-heeled seductress, prize-winning glutton, destructive secret agent, and the list goes on and on.

Isabelle Shy

It’s hard not to instantly fall in love with Isabelle Shy. She gorgeous, petite and possesses an infectious smile. According to her bio, Isabelle starting modeling decades ago. A favorite among the fetish crowd, she’s been featured on shows like HBO’s Real Sex, Sexology, Howard Stern and the Playboy Channel.

“I am a hedonist, fetishist. I am sexual and intoxicating. I am dominant and insatiable!”


Isabelle Shy’s loyal followers love to see her performing task and rituals stretching from banal to outrageous. She drives some of them wild as the Godzilla-like amazon who crushes helpless humans reduced to the size of insects or smaller. One of her avid fans says, “There’s something about that disparity in scale and power strikes me on a deep, sexual level. The  bigger and more overwhelming the difference, the hotter the scene.”

Isabelle Shy plays out the requests of her many fans which include destructing household items on camera, eating gummy bears and inflating balloons. Isabelle explains  ‘Doing these videos I’ve managed to explore the sensualness of almost everything. It’s an erotic adventure for me and my viewers.” Looking a whole lot of fun, it’s evident Isabelle has a knack for making her audience happy.

Isabelle Shy

Isabelle Shy


When she originally started her website it was a simple hobby meant to express herself. Isabelle quickly learned her movies as a profitable venture. She felt empowered having her own business that people respected and loved. In return, Isabelle pours her heart into the work and develops content people enjoy watching. 

To see more of Isabelle Shy, visit her website here.


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