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Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: Prelude To Play

Sexy Couple
Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: Prelude To Play

Prelude To Play

I always hated when Bri was away. Days went by quickly, but nights seemed to go on forever. I occupied my nights thinking about her luminescent skin, her soft lips, and her shapely body. But Bri was coming home tonight, and I had a few surprises in store. After a long flight, most women would opt for a nightgown, hot chocolate, and a good book, but Bri was adventurous. And I had a surprise for her. I was counting on my new queen-sized surprise–the new Black Label Prelude Sex Bench, to set the mood. Tonight, we would be enemy spies and I would get the drop on her. 

When Bri’s keys rattled in the door, I waited patiently against the wall. After walking her luggage into the foyer, Bri looked puzzled by the dim lighting my apparent absence. 

“Honey? Are you home?” Bri called out, shaking raindrops off her coat. 

As Bri turned to lock the door, I pounced, gently pressing her against sturdy wood. In a whisper, I began our play. “You thought you could just sneak in and steal those precious tapes? You’ve severely underestimated me, Agent Bri.” Bri felt the warmth of my breath against her ear, and the press of my body against her back. She wiggled her heart-shaped ass to against my bulge to test my level of excitement. She was not disappointed. 

“I have no idea what you are talking about, sir.” Bri adapting quickly to our roleplay. “I must have entered the wrong house.”

“With the right key? You’ll have to do better than that.” I gently pushed a water pistol into her ribs and directed her. “Walk slowly up the stairs. No false moves.”

“Once we go upstairs and you take a good, hard look, you’ll see you’ve got the wrong girl,” Bri replied, her hands in the air. 

I took the opportunity to give her a highly inappropriate pat down. “No weapons? You really have underestimated me.”  

Bri huffed in feigned protest before we slowly ascended the steps. Bri went straight for the bedroom. Once there, she froze in place, smiling at my surprise addition – the Prelude. I could tell Bri’s imagination was in overdrive now. Knowing her, she was trying to decide whether to submit to my upcoming interrogation or flip the script on me.

Bri turned toward me, unbuckled her coat, and let it drop to the floor, unveiling a surprise of her own. Completely naked, Bri walked confidently toward me, thrilled at my stunned reaction. She lifted my shirt and sensually brushed my nipples, sending a jolt to my already hard cock. Having successfully broken my concentration, Bri quickly snatched my pistol. She was in control now. 

“Strip naked, walk to the Prelude, and lie down, face up with your eyes closed.” I hesitated but slowly complied. Bri quickly figured out our new sex furniture, and nimbly secured my wrists and ankles to the Prelude with the attached Microfiber Black Cuffs. “Now, you will answer my questions.”

Bri’s interrogation methods proved quite effective. She spread her legs across the bottom of the Prelude and watched in delight as my cock stood tall and at attention. She cupped it with her soft hands and rubbed it gently. She then bent down and opened her mouth, taking me three quarters the way in. Her teeth ran along the top and bottom of my shaft as she started to rhythmically bob up and down. 

I gasped, trying to keep my breathing even. Bri licked the inside of my thigh in response. I jumped slightly, and she lowered her face into my crotch again. My cock pulsed as she licked her lips, nuzzling it with her mouth and nose. My breathing hastened and I was losing the battle over my own body. Sensing victory, Bri returned to kissing my thighs. She found a sensitive spot and sucked lightly against my skin.

"Oh,” I moaned. My mind couldn’t focus on anything but the pleasure in my cock and thighs. I shifted slightly in a failed effort to slow Bri’s momentum, and released some precum. Bri grinned and bit her lip in satisfaction. She had weakening me, and she knew it. She pressed her mouth to the tip and tasted my precum before wrapping her soft, full lips around my shaft again. Bri sat back up, breathing more heavily now as she tormented me, her pussy damp against my thigh. She slid up onto my throbbing cock, now ready to take me… or so I thought.

“Well, agent, tell me where you hid the tapes and I will make you cum like a rocket,” Bri said coolly. “If not, I’m afraid you’ll have to be content dying a very happy man.” In my excitement, I’d forgotten we were even roleplaying. I quickly shouted out a made-up location for the non-existent tapes and begged her to ride me hard to the finish line. 

Bri, victoriously straddling my cock like a rodeo star, bucked and pressed until we exploded together with pleasure, our bodies damp and spent atop the Prelude. For orgasms like that, the Prelude was worth every penny and more.

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