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Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: Break From The Norm

Sexy woman in pink lingerie
Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: Break From The Norm

Break From The Norm

It was early Monday afternoon. I had just come in the house from a long day working in the yard. Sweat dripped down my brow only to rest upon a slight silt of dirt on my cheek and the overalls I was wearing needed a good wash. As I came around the corner from the kitchen to drink a cool glass of water, my wife stood there and asked.  ‘what is in this giant box that came with the deliveries today?’ 

‘Honey, I knew you were away on a trip and I was hoping to surprise you when you got back. I thought you'd be back a little bit later and I was hoping to set it up by then. I know the kids don't get out of school for a couple more hours, so maybe the surprise can start a little earlier.’

I told my wife I would take a quick shower, and take it out of the box, but she had to remain downstairs until I was ready. She gave me the sly look, and inside her head you could tell she was questioning what I was about to do.

Fifteen minutes later I call her upstairs, I’m not fully dried off from the shower and just wearing a pair of gray sweat shorts.  She looks over and says, ‘oh, we have a new chaise to lounge on. That looks like a comfortable place to read a book.’

I replied, ‘that's more than just a place to read a book.’ and as I pulled out straps from behind my back, and held them out, ‘would you need these to read a book?’

‘I don't understand what they are for?’ she replied.

‘Well, I know that recently it's been hard for us to find time, so having this Esse chaise available when we do have time, could help spice things up.’ And with a wink and a smile I said, ’I know you've always wanted to control me… I hope you're gentle with the cuffs.’ I hand her the straps and cuffs and I sit on the edge of the chaise. 

She grabs the cuffs, slightly slides my legs apart, drops down to her knees and starts placing one around my ankle. I can feel the smooth leather slowly tighten around my leg. Her fingers slowly drift across the top of my foot as she moves to the other. Her hair brushes across my inner thigh and down my knee. She puts this one on tighter, looks up at me and winks.

As she stands up she looks at me in the eyes, her expression is one of surprise. No words are needed as she sits on my lap. We begin to kiss, her soft moist lips pressed against mine as I lightly run my fingers through her hair and place my palm on her head to draw her lips tighter against me, she grabs my wrist. 

‘Don't forget, I'm the one who's in charge here,’  she says with a smirk. She then stands up next to me, takes the other cuffs and puts them on my wrists.  I'm now completely at her will.  As I lie back I take a deep breath, close my eyes for a second and just enjoy the moment. This is the first time in a while that we have had such a deep and quick connection, a break from everyday life. 

Just as I begin thinking more, my eyes quickly spring open as I feel a slap against my thigh. I look over to my wife, as she starts to slowly undress. She pulls her shirt up over her head, and her pink lace bra is the only thing between me and her amazing breasts. She slowly unbuttons her pants and slides them down past her ankles. As the first leg steps out, I can see her matching set of pink panties. Her other leg steps out of her pants, and with a swift motion, she's on top of me. She slides my head to the right and starts kissing my neck. Her warm breath and soft lips slowly moved down to my collar bone. She takes her fingers and lightly drags them across my chest, and the only thing following them is her lips. Her body slides lower toward my thighs as her touch reaches my hips. She lifts up her body as she slides my shorts down past my knees. 

Her kisses begin again and she starts moving back up my body to the other side of my chest. Her lips drag up to my neck, followed by a soft bite on my earlobe. As she pulls on my ear, I want to sit up and grab her, but my hands are tied down. I can feel the tension in my arms as I pull against the straps. One more kiss on my lips, and then she sits up, reaches around her back and unhooks her bra. She slides the strap down her left arm and with her right drops it to the floor. She leans back down, bites my lower lip, then places her cheek next to mine and whispers, ‘ I know you wanted to surprise me today, but it's me that's going to surprise you.’

She un-straddles me for a second, only long enough to slide her panties off, before she swings back around and is now reversed. 

My wife begins leaning forward, and at first I can only feel her hair as it touches my thighs. Her butt slides closer to my face as the pressure of her body against my chest grows. I'm wanting it more than ever, and hoping her body slides closer to my mouth, where I can give her what she wants as well. As I begin to feel her warm breath on my body again, I am now in ecstasy, ready for her, and completely at her will. 

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