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It’s difficult keeping a straight face when reaching for a sex toy called the Womanizer. While the name may seem a little off-putting, this sex toy has nothing to do with the male persuasion. The Womanizer W500 is the newest, baddest gal on the block. And she is fast—very fast.

Womanizer W500Modern Make-Over

The Original Womanizer was released just last year and rapidly climbed to the top. They did not rest on their laurels, however, after becoming the best-selling female sex toy. Instead, they headed back into the laboratory and improved upon its usability and design.

And I’m glad they did. There’s a huge difference in the way this new Womanizer performs versus the original. Many women loved it, but to me, the original was a bit bulky and only had 3-settings. Perhaps it was my expectations. But it’s sucking did not knock my socks off. Plus, the color schemes and crystal embellishments were a little showy for my taste.

But this new Womanizer is a marvel.

New Technology

When it comes to orgasms, most women like clitoral stimulation with pressure and a rapid back-and-forth movement. The Womanizer does neither of these things. Instead, it uses a new technology aptly called PleasureAir, creates a slight pulling sensation on the clitoris. Describing how it feels is hard for me to explain. But when used the first few times, I felt like someone carefully nibbling the on the naughty bits.

Womanizer W500

Making Contact

Like anything new, it does have a learning curve. The Womanizer operates differently than any other vibrator or pressure-based sex toy. First of all, it provides pinpoint and unyielding stimulation. I found the best way to get acquainted is to try it without turning it on. To begin, spread your labia open and place the opening of the suction piece directly over your clit. This will create an airtight seal. If you are excessively sensitive, put the Womanizer slightly above your clit or make sure the clitoral hood is pulled over to provide a barrier. Once you are prepared to go for it, just press the little jewel on-button.


Ready, Set, Launch

Never before have I gotten off so fast—and as a professional toy tester, you can imagine I’ve tried them all. Some women come easily, some take longer—but I have heard similar results from several other women. It is mind-blowing how quickly you can go from 0 to 60. In fact, I use it on the lower setting to enjoy the build of arousal.

The overall design of the Womanizer lets you have complete control over your orgasm. Its lightweight casing makes it easy to handle and it fits in the palm of your hand. To change the settings, simply swing your thumb over and press the on-button and enjoy the low setting for a while. The suction is increased and decreased with the easy-to-use control panel. However, unlike a vibrator, you don’t move the Womanizer up and down. It’s designed to remain sealed over the clitoris while it’s doing its thing.


The PleasureAir technology of the Womanizer is impressive. Instead of a constant vibration, the Womanizer lifts and stimulates the clit simultaneously. Since using the Womanizer, my clitoris feels more sensitive to the touch. What I’ve also noticed is my orgasms with this toy feel different. They are still powerful but not as intense. This could be because the climax comes on so quickly—like tiny bursts of pleasure bubbles. And with orgasms that are not so intense, it opens to door for more. Why stop at only one? Especially when it’s so easy to come with this toy. Keep going for as long as you can take it. How many times can you come in a minute? Let’s find out!


Fit For Everyone

A woman’s clit is like a snowflake. The way it reacts to stimulation is different for everyone. Some women have dainty clits while others may have larger ones. And that’s all good! The Womanizer W500 comes equipped with two silicone suction heads which include a small and medium. The medium worked especially well for me because it covered a larger surface area. However, if you want a stronger effect, try the small one for starters. Maintaining the Womanizer is a snap. Whenever you’re done having orgasms, just remove the suction head and clean with warm soapy water.


You are in for a pleasant treat if you’ve never used any of the Womanizer toys—they are both amazing. But if you already own one, do you need to upgrade? I recommend going with the newest version if you aren’t too worried about spending the money. There are advantages to the new one like its higher success rate for quick and easy orgasms. It feels more ergonomic and fits better to my body type. Also, the W500 is more discreet and quiet. The original version has a decorative jewel button that can rattle during use. A smaller button on the newly released Womanizer does not alert anyone to the goings on in the bedroom. Plus, it just looks sleeker, sexier. The gold and silver are hot too!