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Kinky Cupid: Valentine’s Activities for Adventurous Lovers

Draw of woman from behind holding up her dress and holding an arrow against her butt
Kinky Cupid: Valentine’s Activities for Adventurous Lovers

Valentine’s Day—or more aptly, Valentine’s evening—was practically invented for sex. Well, actually, it was invented so that Hallmark could rake in millions, but that’s beside the point. You already know you’re gonna be fuckin’ come February 14th, but do you know how you’ll be fucking? A special occasion calls for special sex, so why not engage in some festive fun and switch things up Saint Valentine’s style? 

Food For Thought

We’ve all heard of the sexy food guessing game where one party wears a blindfold while their partner feeds them aphrodisiacs and has them guess which food they’re eating. While the idea is hot, it’s a little trite and TBH pretty easy, too—just about anyone can tell the difference between a strawberry and a piece of chocolate, blindfolded or not. You can make this delicious game a bit more challenging by having your lover focus on sensation rather than taste.

Before you start, have your naked partner lie down on a towel or liquid-absorbent sex blanket and place a blindfold over their eyes. Once your S.O. is all set up, head to the kitchen and grab some indulgent toppings like chocolate sauce, honey, whipped cream, and jam. Flavored lube, while technically not food, is another great option. Drizzle one of the toppings over your lover’s body, have them guess what it is, then slowly clean it up with your tongue as a reward for correct answers. Repeat the process until you’re out of food items and ready to move on to the main course!

If your sweet tooth is lacking and you want to up the kink factor, swap sugary toppings for phallic fruits and veggies and switch to vaginal insertion (stay away from the booty for this game—any item used for backdoor play needs to have a flared base for safety!). Be sure to thoroughly wash each item and place a condom on it before playing—not only does this prevent infection, but the condom will also make it more difficult to discern which food your partner is being fucked with.  

Love Potion 69

Channel the goddess of love by roleplaying Aphrodite, pulling out all the stops to get your target to fall in love with you. Before enacting your lavish seduction, make sure you look the part—a soft glam makeup style and loose curls will have you feeling like the goddess you are. Pair that with some heavy cleavage or just straight-up lingerie, and you’re golden. 

You’ll want to plan a whole evening around your Aphrodite roleplay; the goddess of love would never rush her magic process, after all. Begin your night of indulgent pleasure with a few hors d'oeuvres—strawberries dipped in chocolate or grapes (when fed to one another) are ideal for setting the mood. If you have some mixology skills, you can even brew up a “love potion,” too!

Once you’ve whet your appetite, it’s time for things to get wet and wild. Put your hands to work and give your target a full-body sensual massage, kneading and caressing every inch of them from their head to their toes. Try avoiding their erogenous zones at first to build up the tension so that when your handwork finally turns into a handie, they’ll be begging for it. 

After that sort of deluxe treatment, your lover will be putty in your hands, and then it’s time to play. Don’t just fuck them, though—get it on Aphrodite style and make love like you mean it. Slow, passionate, and deep. And because a goddess gotta get hers, too, a wearable couple’s vibe will be a perfect pairing for your rendezvous. 

Carnal Crafts & Kinky Keepsakes


The best artworks come from a place of intimacy, and what’s more intimate than two naked bodies intertwined, wholly focused on each other’s pleasure and emotional connection? Love Is Art kits allow lovers to create art simply by making love—on a canvas, covered in body-safe paint. The end result is a beautiful abstract painting symbolic of the pair’s sensual connection that could easily pass as a decorative wall painting purchased from a store or gallery. Only the amorous artists will know exactly what kind of passion went into the piece. 

Though gifting chocolates and jewelry may be on theme, I’m of the belief that the best presents are experiential (and maybe not available at your local drugstore). If you’re after a truly memorable Valentine’s celebration, skip the cliche teddy bear holding a heart and go with a see-through teddy paired with passion and creativity instead.

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