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Climbing Mount Pleasure: The Best Solo Sex Positions Using Toy Mounts

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Climbing Mount Pleasure: The Best Solo Sex Positions Using Toy Mounts

No matter how much you appreciate the touch of a lover, there’s no denying that nobody knows your body like you do. Still, there’s always room for more self-exploration! Toy mounts bring variety to solo sessions and allow for more freedom of movement during masturbation. Try out these pleasure-filled playtime positions during your next night home alone to give your hand a break and your brain some extra endorphins. 

Tab Browser

Whether you’re sexting in a horny chatroom, perusing erotic stories, or skipping through to the hottest parts of a porno, many women enjoy using media as masturbation fuel. Focus your fingers on finding the right content and leave the rest to your trusty wand massager with the tech-friendly Tab Browser! 

The Dirty Details:

First, place your fav wand-style vibrator in the Axis Toy Mount and crank it up to whatever buzz level drives your clit crazy. Then rest your torso on the mount’s decline, arranging yourself so that your vibrator is positioned against your sweet spot. Now, all there is to do is let your wand do its thang while you do yours!


Do you find yourself hesitant to leave the warmth of your shower? Give your deep conditioner the time to soak in by preoccupying yourself with pleasure; the Aquaman is the perfect excuse to stay steamy for a little while longer.  

The Dirty Details:

Suction your Fleshlight Shower Mount to the wall that supports your showerhead, attach your favorite Fleshlight stroker, and coat the inside of it with a generous amount of water-based lube. Adjust the shower knobs until you get that just-right temperature and let the water cascade down like a waterfall as you thrust away. Use your hands to rub on silky smooth body wash or give yourself a sensual scalp massage while you’re pumping for heightened sensory play and imagine you’re in a mermaid’s mouth.

Lusty Lullaby

Say rock-a-bye to arms sore from thrusting with the Lusty Lullaby, a low-effort position for penetrative play with the option for clitoral stimulation, too. Thanks to the Pulse’s ability to follow your motions, you’ll be rocking and rolling your way to an orgasm in no time.    

The Dirty Details: 

Prep your randy rocker by inserting a dildo or internal vibrator in the center pocket, adding a small bullet vibe to the front pocket if you feel so inclined. Then, straddle the Pulse and grind back and forth as the mount’s movements follow yours. You can steady yourself by placing your hands on opposite ends of the Pulse or run them over your body if you’re a cowgirl pro!

Primal Affair

When you’re in the mood to get rough and rowdy, the poundworthy Primal Affair is sure to satisfy your animalistic urges. With this graspable doggystyle toy mount, you can get fast and furious with your self-love.  

The Dirty Details:

Pop the Fleshlight of your choosing into the Fleshlight Top Dog and bring it to a padded surface. Position yourself behind the mount like you’re about to do doggy with a smokin’ hot lass or lad and give yourself some foreplay by coating and caressing your member with a water-based lubricant. Once you’re fully turned on and lubed up, get on your knees and go full throttle with your thrusting, holding onto the sides of the Fleshlight Top Dog for grip. Since it’s just you and your toy, feel free to go as hard and fast as you desire! 

Flying solo doesn’t mean you can’t make things special. Switching up your masturbation moves can help you discover new things about yourself and even perfect your sex skills to impress the next person lucky enough to join you in the sheets. No matter your reason for mounting, a toy mount is sure to take your masturbation routine to the next level.  

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