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Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Winner: "And, Scene"

Illustration of sexy man and woman
Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Winner: "And, Scene"

“And, Scene"

Still sore from a week of travel, Beth entered through the kitchen to find no sign of her husband. A glass of wine was already poured for her next to the open bottle on the counter. Taking a long drink with her eyes closed, she allowed her imagination to start readying her body for what was to come. They’d only had phone sex once, almost right after she checked into her hotel room on Sunday. Late-night client engagements throughout the week made that the last time she’d had to cum and she was warming up to the idea of sex before turning in. 

She brought the bottle with her and climbed the stairs quietly to keep the sleeping house still. She could see the flicker of a candle from the top of the stairs under the master doorway. As she opened it, the scene revealed itself to her like an X-rated postcard. Candles painted the walls a shimmery gold and soft indie rock played in the background. As if on cue from above, rain washed the windows and added texture to the ambient noises as she entered the room. 

She surveyed her stage. If the setting was cliché, the props were anything but. Strapped in a seated position on their Black Label Esse Lounger was Ryan, wearing nothing but a blindfold and a pair of her panties. Though the straps were surprisingly tight for being self-secured, his right arm was a little too loose for her liking. His breathing had deepened when she first entered the room. As he heard her cross towards him, his panty bulge twitched as he tried to fight an erection. 

She bent down to tighten the straps and said, “Don’t you know you shouldn’t be like this with candles going?”

“I missed you.”

“Shhh” she responded, more a command than anything else. He stiffened and stayed silent, reminded of the role he was to play. 

Beth considered the level of decorum she should follow, weighing her desire for a shower against her desire to inspect Ryan’s expanding member more closely. After tightening the strap to her liking, she stepped away towards the bathroom as Ryan allowed himself a meek groan in protest. Wanting to be masochistic without being too cruel, her shower was quick and she returned in a silk robe with a matching black duffel bag. She set the bag to the side of the lounger and climbed on top in her open robe. 

She took his face in her hands and ran them down his chest and across his ribcage before settling them on his hips and sneaking her pinkies into the top of his waistband. She took his lips onto hers while grinding onto the compressed form of his cock straining to be released from her panties. She felt herself begin to saturate the front of the underwear as her desire started to crescendo. He started to softly plead with her.

“Please, Elizabeth, please.” 

Everywhere else she was Beth. But in this room in the act of copulation, she was Elizabeth. And she would control the pace. Wordlessly she slid from Ryan’s lap to kneel at the side of the Esse. She ran her hand up the side of his thigh and lifted upward on his leg once she reached the fold of his crotch. Like a show dog being commanded to have its paws examined, he obeyed and lifted himself from the seat of the lounger. Beth ran her hand through the curvature of his backside and found it devoid of toys. 

“Oh no,” she cooed, “this won’t do at all. We can’t have you empty while you’re getting fucked.” 

She unzipped the duffel and poked through the contents. She pulled out one of their Vixskin dildos and laid it across the top of his thigh, so he’d know what it was. The panties continued to bulge as his penis throbbed from within. She used the dildo to poke it and said, “No, not tonight. I don’t think we’re going to spend that much time on you.” 

Beth returned the dildo to the bag and retrieved a bottle of Lelo moisturizer and the medium-sized plug from their B-Vibe anal training set. “I think this should do,” she said as she set the supplies down on his stomach and slid the panties off him. His cock rapidly took advantage of the extra room as he became fully erect before they were to his knees. Knowing what was to come next, he slid himself down in his seat to give Elizabeth access to his ass. With a moisturizer-laden digit, Elizabeth gave an external massage to his entrance that was direct, if not firm. 

After a moment or two of teasing, Beth lubed up the plug and placed it against him. Within a few seconds he relaxed, and she slid it all the way, running her fingers along the base at the end to make sure he had every centimeter inside. She rubbed her hand dry against his chest and climbed back on top, this time taking his member inside of her, easing down on him in a full release of the tension of the week and their foreplay. 

Knowing he would be cumming quickly with the plug-in, she bit his lower lip hard while grinding against him. Once she was on the edge and the movement of her hips and his body pressing up into hers became slower and more in sync, she allowed herself to climax and felt Ryan start releasing while she was finishing. By the time she was done, he was writhing and recoiling beneath her, his body overly sensitive to hers. She pulled his blindfold down and gave him a light kiss on the nose as she put their faces together. 

“I missed you too.” 

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