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Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: Waterproof

Wet Sexy Couple
Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: Waterproof


by Suzanne Bridge

Rosie hadn’t always embraced her squirting. Even the word made her uncomfortable. She’d much rather say flooding, gushing, overflowing, or something that didn’t sound quite so…porny. After her divorce, it became an embarrassing thing she had to explain before a hook-up. When she was chatting with them beforehand, guys would say they were into it. When she reminded them they might want to put something down, and a towel wasn’t going to cut it, they looked… concerned. What she wanted to say was “You’re going to need something thick and water resistant, unless you want to have to replace your comforter. And sheets. And mattress protector. And the mattress. Do you have a tarp?” She felt mortified and ended up holding back as a result. 

She met Dan at a tantric speed dating session recommended by a friend. They were paired for a yoga breathing exercise and connected instantly. That night ended with their tongues dancing and hips grinding against each other until Rose was so turned on she couldn’t hold back and soaked through her skirt and Dan’s sweatpants. She was embarrassed as she explained to him, but he was completely unfazed. “I don’t care if you waterboard me with your beautiful pussy, my ocean goddess, I want to drown in you.” 

Their first weekend together necessitated a trip to the laundromat after. He teased her with his amazing tongue and agile fingers and made her orgasm and squirt until there was nothing left in her body and she ached pleasantly all over.  Holding her and laughing together in the afterglow, Dan joked that they should buy stock in Gatorade. The way he worshiped her squirting made her feel sexy and powerful.

Before their next date, Dan thoughtfully purchased a Fascinator Waterproof throw from Liberator, which Rosie had heard of but never tried. “I’ll keep this here just for you my love. And you can cover me in your sweet juices as much as you like.” Dan spread the throw over his bed and laid Rosie down on it. The blanket was huge and soft against her skin. 

“We’re going to test this out tonight. I want to see how waterproof it really is. I’ve also got another surprise for you.” Dan told her with a sexy grin as his head dipped between her thighs. He rubbed her G-spot with his callused and gentle fingers and licked her clit. Rosie’s body twisted with pleasure as the first wave hit her and soaked Dan’s goatee. “Yum, I love saving some of you for later. Would you like to try this, goddess?” he said as he held up his surprise, a Svakom Nymph. She had never seen a vibrator like this before. He turned it on to show her, and the three small fingers at the end moved in a hypnotic rhythm. She nodded enthusiastically in consent, and he placed it gently around her engorged clit. Each small appendage stroked the hood of her clit like a tiny individual tongue. She tensed, and Dan stroked her thighs gently, telling her to breathe and let go. She exhaled, and the constant stimulation pushed her over the edge 30 seconds later. She squirted in streams until she was screaming and out of breath. A pool formed beneath her quivering hips on top of the Fascinator. Rosie made a briefly worried face as she adjusted her position and felt the liquid flowing up towards her lower back.

“Okay, let’s see how good this thing is,” Dan said. She lifted her hips and he ran a hand beneath the Fascinator. “Dry as the Sahara under there, my Rose. Quite the opposite of this beautiful delta…” he said as she lowered her hips and he moved in to taste her again. After drinking from her fountain until the squirting deluge slowed to a trickling stream, Dan pulled her on top of him. 

“Ride me, my goddess, your taste has me so fucking hard.” His perfectly straight, rigid cock slid inside her easily. Rosie ground her pelvis against him, riding him until her pussy spasmed again. She squirted all over him, covering him from nipples to thighs in her wetness. She rubbed her fingers over his wet nipples, teasing them, and making him moan and curse as he tried to hold back. Their bodies coming together made squelching and splashing sounds that made her smile. The sounds added percussion to their symphony of moans and increased in intensity until Dan exploded inside her. 

After a year of dating, when she moved in with him, Dan gifted her with a king-sized Fascinator for their new bed together. Rosie was ecstatic to have finally embraced her watery gift, and to have a love who wanted to explore her depths forever.

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