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Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: The Interrogation

Woman on top of man pulling on leash attached to collar he's wearing
Lusty Lit 2023 Contest Runner-Up: The Interrogation

The Interrogation

“I’m excited to give you your birthday presents” I said to my husband James. His birthday was coming up in a couple of weeks.

“Presents…plural?” he responded. “I thought our rule was one gift per occasion…You didn’t break the rules did you?”

“I couldn’t help myself…Is there a penalty for that?” I said jokingly.

James smiled. “I’ll have to research the rules.”

The next day was the usual long day at work.  I was pleasantly surprised that James picked up the banter from the night before with a text right before I left work - “Hey…I researched the rule - you’ll need to give me the extra present when you get home tonight.” 

“Not happening” I replied.

When I arrived home, the house was darker than usual. “Hey babe” I called out as I entered. “Why are there no lights on?” 

“I’m downstairs” I heard him call back.

As I descended to our basement rec room, it too seemed rather dark. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, James was sitting at our bar, enjoying a drink. In the middle of the room was our Black Label Wedge and Ramp Combo on top of an oversized ottoman which put it at a perfect height for him to fuck me while standing (I knew from experience). A couple of recessed spotlights directly over the Combo illuminated the sex stage he had created.

“So what is the occasion?” I inquired. 

“Since you’re not willing to give me the extra present you bought, I’ve no choice but to interrogate you to see if I can get the information out of you” he said with a smile. 

“You can try but you’re not going to be successful.”

“We’ll see” he said as he undressed me. He lifted me up, placed me on my back on top of the Combo and strapped me in.  I was immediately aroused as he had mastered the perfect combination of comfort and restraint when positioning me on our Combo.  He took an ice cube out of his drink, ran it over my body and began to lick, kiss and suck on me. 

“Doesn’t seem like much of an interrogation” I said, as I arched my body as much as the restraints would allow.

“So you’re enjoying this?”

“Very much!” 

“Well then…in order to continue, you’ll need to give me the extra present” he said as he stopped working on me. 

“I’m not giving it up” I said playfully taking on the role of defiant captive and prisoner. 

“Then I’m afraid you won’t get what you want” he said as he walked back over to the bar, sipped on his drink and stared at me, tied down with the lights shining on me.” 

After several minutes of more playful back and forth between prisoner and interrogator, he walked over and began fucking me, before stopping a few minutes in.

He continued this pattern, each time taking me further towards orgasm than he had before. But knowing me as he did, he always knew when to stop. 

“Please don’t stop!” I finally said when he again took me to the brink before once again backing off.

“Tell me what I want to know”.

Close to giving in, I found the strength to continue in the role play, boldly insisting that he would not break me. At that point, he put a blindfold on me, inserted a b-Vibe Vibrating Plug into me and said he would be back in a little while. I then heard him go up the steps.

I immediately regretted not giving in as I knew what was coming. Using the b-Vibe’s remote, he continued the cycle of giving and taking away from another room.

My moans, alternating between pleasure and frustration, grew louder as I finally heard him coming back down the stairs. While I wanted to give up, I also wanted to see what else he had in store for me so I continued to somehow hold out.

“You’ve been a tougher prisoner than I expected” he said. Still blindfolded, he unstrapped me and turned me around so that I was on my knees leaned over the end of the Ramp with my head just slightly over the edge of the Wedge. He knew this was my favorite position to be fucked (from behind or from the front) and he strapped me back in. 

“And since I haven’t been able to break you on my own, I’ve asked someone else to help me” he whispered in my ear. And with that, he inserted my favorite dildo, “Alex”, into me. At the same time, he turned the plug back on and inserted his hard cock in my mouth.

With every opening of my body filled, I knew I could not withstand any more deprivation. So as he stopped the vibration on the plug, pulled Alex out of me and pulled his cock out of my mouth, I had reached my breaking point…”The extra gift is in the spare bedroom closet…Please do not stop” I screamed as my body couldn’t take anymore!

With that, James walked around and took position behind me. While holding Alex in my mouth, he turned the plug back on, and began pounding me.

But because my body had been led down this path and tricked so many times that evening, it was not a quick climax. Instead, it felt like I was 5 seconds away from orgasm for 5 minutes! When I finally came, I screamed loudly despite my full mouth. At the same time, I could feel James’ cock throbbing and unloading inside of me as Alex touched the back of my throat.

After gathering himself, James pulled Alex out of my mouth, took the plug out of my ass and kissed me. 

I gathered myself as well and smiled while thinking about the extra gift that was the subject of the questioning I had just endured. “Your extra present is the new Steed Spanking Bench…You can use it for the next interrogation” I said already thinking about our next session!

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