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All about Liberator Sex Toy Mounts

Woman lying next to Axis Toy Mount with wand vibrator in it
All about Liberator Sex Toy Mounts
Love your sex toys but want more? The Liberator Sex Toy Mounts provide a way of getting more enjoyment out of your favorite vibes and dildos. Each of these sex toy mounts securely holds your sex toys while leaving your hands free for other delightful pleasures.

Winging It

One of our favorite Liberator Sex Toy Mounts is the Wing. This super-dense body-length foam mount is ideal for straddling and putting you in a comfortable position while masturbating. The Wing can handle virtually any sex toy but works great with dildos and vibes. The Wing is a great sex toy mount for those who need maximum mobility and support. For partner play, you can use the Wing under your partner's knees so they can thrust upwards. Extra bonus points for the Wing is it can also vibrate. Place any vibrator on side 2 of the mount and get a sense of the good vibration.

Way Better than Chocolate

Liberator Sex Toy Mounts The Liberator Sex Toy Mounts are known for offering a host of benefits. But if you're looking for a mount that amps up your solo play pleasure, the BonBon is a fan favorite. Crafted from high-density foam, the BonBon securely holds any size sex toy and lets you straddle in complete comfort. You can also so this sex toy mount with a partner too. They can saddle up behind you and use their hands for stroking and caressing while you ride your way toward ecstasy. The deep inner-core pocket can accommodate a wide variety of dildos and vibrators.

Witchy Woman

The Hitachi Magic Wand is probably one of the most famous sex toys ever! But with its weight and bulky design, it can be hard managing it while going solo. That's why we love the Axis-Magic Wand. One of the most notable Liberator Sex Toy Mounts, the Axis-Magic Wand is crafted for double duty---it's a sexual positioning shape and sex toy holder in one. Designed specifically for supporting the Magic Wand, this toy mount is great for women with disabilities or mobility issues. The Axis- Magic Wand is great for laying down position and letting your hips curve over the toy. You can even use it while standing at the side of the bed and leaning over the Shape.

More Wand Fun

The Wanda is great for women who love straddling their Magic Wands and having direct clitoral stimulation. The slim and tapered design of this Liberator Sex Toy Mount lets you sit directly on the Shape for a more leaned back while the Magic Wand is perfectly angled for direct contact. It will be easy for you to find your groove and remove the pressure from your joints. One of the best Liberator Sex Toy Mounts for partner play, Wanda offers superior support during vaginal or anal sex.


Last, but not least, we could not end all about Liberator Sex Toy Mounts without mentioning the Pulse. This rocking pedestal is great for those who want to move their whole body while using sex toys. The low height and width make the Pulse easy for straddling in a cowgirl position and leaving your hands free. The Pulse is equipped has two pockets—one for a vibrator or dildo and another for a bullet or small vibrator. And as with our sex toy mounts, it spices up couple’s lovemaking as well. It acts as a support for the hips while in from-behind positions, or a lift for missionary sex positions. Fans of our Liberator Sex Toy Mounts even recommended using the Pulse as a prop for your chest and neck during oral.
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What dildo is featured in this article “all about liberator sex toy mounts. Specifically under the heading “way better than chocolate” this is regarding the bon bon. Curious what is the best and it most popular dildo pairing with the bon bon. Thank you so much!
Angela Lieben
The dildo featured in the image for the BonBon is the New York Toy Collective Carter Posable dildo. Crafted from high-quality silicone, the Carter can be positioned to suit your needs whether you're using it with a sex toy mount or pegging harness. Here's a link: https://www.liberator.com/new-york-toy-collective-carter-posable-dildo.html