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Written by Krystal March

I never really gave much thought to creating a squirting guide. But I knew if I was having problems at first, other women were too. It was after reading about ‘female ejaculation’ in my twenties that I made few cursory attempts in finding my g-spot. Much of the information squirting guide information said it will feel like the urge to pee. After many hours of stroking, prodding, and moaning, I just gave up. The inability to relax fully felt like a failure. Although I did have more success and fun with other sexual experimentation at the time, the quest in squirting held no special place and eventually fell to the wayside.

My Personal Squirting Guide

I began dating a guy who was very knowledgeable much later in life. It was under his tutelage, I would eventually learn all about the G-spot with him being my squirting guide. He was proud of his perfect record in introducing his partners to squirting.  I was excited to try again. Sadly, I have to admit, after trying every trick up his sleeve I never achieved my squirting goal under his talented hands. We did have fun trying, though. My determination in achieving my squirting goal outlasted the relationship. So, under no pressure, and on my own, I excelled.

Reaching Your Goal

The stress of putting yourself under pressure to squirt can be a mood killer. The goal with sex is to have fun pleasing yourself or enjoying the adventure with a partner. Personally, I think it is more important to understand how to find your g-spot, what that feels like, and how you like it stimulated.

Just as with oral sex and clitoral stimulation, women’s likes and dislikes run the gamut from soft and slow to a jackhammer fast tongue lashing. Some women enjoy a hard, fast pounding on the G-spot while others prefer gentle and deliberate pressure. Some women can find G-spot stimulation more uncomfortable than pleasurable. The one thing to remember is the G-spot may not be your ‘squirt button.’ Women can squirt from clitoral stimulation and others from anal penetration (a fine way to hit the g-spot if the angle in doggy style is correct). Take it one step at a time, and take your time.

Squirting Guide


The Steps to Squirting

  • Empty your bladder before having sex.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Protect your bedding or any other sex surface using the Liberator Fascinator Throw.
  • Find a comfortable sex position where you will feel most relaxed.

G-spot Squirting Guide

The G-spot (or urethral sponge) is located behind your pubic bone. You will usually find at the front of your vaginal wall about a finger’s length and up. Your partner can help too by inserting one or two of their fingers while you lie on your back. After insertion, gently hook the fingers using in a ‘come here’ motion. The tissue inside feels a little bumpy, not smooth. The G-spot, much like the clit or penis, is an erectile tissue, just like the clitoris or penis. It will swell when stroked, rubbed, or pressed. The G-spot can be easier to find after having a clitoral orgasm.

Sex Toys Promote Squirting

You may be able to squirt entirely on your own while using a sex toy. Vibrating or manual, the choice is all yours. There are countless toys on the market today. My favorites have to be from LELO. The Mona 2 is great for both internal and external sensations. I think the Gigi 2 is one of the best G-spot vibes on the market. There are also non-vibration toys that work just as well. Njoy has a stainless steel toy called the Pure Wand. This baby never fails at making me squirt. The cool metal along with its amazing curvature makes applying the right amount of pressure easy.

Of course, you are can choose any object—just as long as it pleases you. I have a no name soft, flexible acrylic dildo I use a lot in the shower. It is actually the first toy that caused me to squirt. A toy with a bulbous head will most likely help in making you squirt because it hits the G-spot on the way in and on the way out.

 Clear Your Mind

The pressure to perform can lead to anxiety. I recommend just taking it easy and let go of any squirting expectations. If you don’t first succeed, lay back and try again and again. The first sign of squirting will feel a lot like having the urge to pee. No worries, though, this is normal. The hardest thing for me was accepting the fullness feeling as pleasurable, rather than the anticipation of ‘Oh no, I have to pee!’ Remember, when stimulating the urethral sponge, or pressing against the urethra; the fluid that expels while squirting comes from the urethra. That’s why there is the feeling of needing to pee.

You’re Almost There

Keep going! While stimulating the G-spot, instead of bearing down, you should try pushing with your vaginal muscles. Depending on the shape of your vagina and the location of the urethral opening—higher, lower, further inside, etc.—you may need to unblock the opening by withdrawing the toy, penis, or fingers. I felt like I was ready to explode my first time. However, I kept going. Pushing harder against my G-spot and pulling the dildo completely out of my vagina before sliding it back in.

I finally pulled the toy out of my vagina and squirted almost three feet across the room. I continued rocking the dildo against my G-spot and squirted a second and third time. I rarely have multiple clitoral orgasms, but can always count on having them when stimulating my G-spot.

Embrace the Bliss

This squirting guide is all about encouraging women to enjoy the fun of trying. Lay back and bask in your glory if you’ve succeeded. Take some mental notes and remember which method worked and what didn’t. I encourage you to experiment and see what else may work now that you know what it feels like. If you did make across the finish line this time—it’s okay! There are no failing grades when it comes to pleasure. Just try a different toy or position the next time. It’s well worth it!