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Mark your calendar’s because April 18th is officially Anal Sex Day. But before you go reaching for the lube, it’s important knowing that anal sex is more than just putting a penis or sex toy into someone’s backdoor orifice. This type of sex, especially for beginner’s, requires finesse and lots of anal sex foreplay. In fact, rosebud romancing should be made mandatory before even entering someone’s backdoor in general. Not only will anal sex foreplay induce the feeling of being relaxed, it will also help enhance the most intimate of sexual encounters.

Romance their rosebud with these anal sex foreplay tips.


The Prelude to Any Penetration

Anal Sex ForeplayWord to the wise: anal sex is best when you’re highly aroused. If you don’t know already, the anus is a very sensitive spot and deserves a great deal of attention and stimulation to get warmed up. Make your lover’s bum a significant part of the foreplay ritual. If not, its cat-like reflexes will instantly shut down tighter than the vault at Fort Knox and you’re never getting in.

Massage Parlor

Preparing your body for anal sex is not always about penetration. A gentle, erotic massage around the opening is one of the best ways of getting your lover revved up. Not only does it feel tantalizing, it can help generate more blood flow to the area, which in turn, stimulates the nerve endings. To get your partner’s rosebud unfolded, gently work your way around the opening using a soft, swirling motion with your finger using some Southern Butter Backdoor Balm. This sweet smelling balm is great for softening the delicate tissue while relaxing your partner’s reflexes. They will let you know whether or not you’re on the right track just from their response.

Visiting the Salad Bar

anal sex foreplayYour first thought about analingus—a.k.a. tossing the salad—might be ‘EW!’ But it’s not as bad as you think. Obviously, cleanliness is next to sexiness in this case, and some couples have even been known to have an enema beforehand just to alleviate any worry. If an enema is not part of the equation then a simple spritz of warm water and soap will do. If you don’t want to get that close, you can place a condom or latex glove between you and the anus. From there, use your tongue, lips, and breath to gently stimulate your lover’s delicate starfish. If you are worried about the taste, try adding Sensuva Lic-O-Licous Oral Delite Cream to coat your mouth with yummy.

Tools of the Trade for Anal Sex Foreplay

Anal Sex Foreplay

Enjoyable anal sex foreplay does not have to involve digital or penile penetration. There are tons of anal-specific sex toys that provide some amazing sensations. For anal sex beginners, we recommend starting off with something basic. The tapered, 3-piece set of Anal Silicone Explorers work really well for couples just learning about the new pleasure spot.

Butt plugs are all the rage these days. Depending on your preference, there are glass plugs, silicone plugs, metal plugs, decorative plugs and the list goes on and on. The stainless steel Njoy Pure Plug feels phenomenal going in and coming out. Plus, they can be worn in and out of the bedroom and offer the wearer a sensational full feeling.

Anal Sex ForeplayGraduating from anal probes or plugs and playing with something more substantial is fairly easy too. The B-Vibe Novice Butt Plug is the newest toy specially designed for anal sex beginners. Not too big or too small, this B-Vibe is shaped for anybody. The kicker is this baby has got some powerful vibration and is equipped with a wireless remote. You might be open to trying actual anal sex after using the B-Vibe a few times.


Perfect Anal Sex Foreplay Positions

There is no right or wrong position when it comes to anal sex adventures. What it really all boils down to is different positions offer different sensations. Almost like a slow dance between lovers, anal sex calls for deliberate and focused movements. One misstep and the show is over. The key to experiencing super hot anal is making sure your bodies are aligned while feeling comfortable and relaxed. The Wedge/Ramp Combo provides just the right angles, leverage and access. Don’t be afraid to play with the pieces and find a configuration that delivers the most impact without any strain.

Anal Sex Foreplay

Lube is Your Friend

Anal Sex ForeplayLubrication makes everything run smoother. Although the anus produces small amounts of mucus, it really isn’t enough for any type of penetration. The point is to create a slippery entryway which makes penetration feel smooth and effortless. Since you can never use too much lube, you’ll want something that feels silky and not sticky. Our recommendation is the Pjur Backdoor Glide. Its high concentration of ingredients like jojoba oil extract makes anal sex feel like a “let’s do it again” adventure. If you’re still not feeling entirely relaxed, we recommend using a squirt or two of Sensuva’s Happy Hiney Anal Cream. The specially formulated cream helps relax the anal opening without making it feel numb. NO spit or saliva—please!

Teaching Mr./Ms. Tingle

The realm of anal sex foreplay is wide and vast—unlike your asshole. Proceed with caution and you’ll have an experience you can build on with time. It’s a journey, not a race. What works one time may not work another. But listen to your body and your partner and you are opening up a world of pleasure.

If you want some further reading, check out the Anal Sex Basics book. Short and concise, this how-to manual is great for beginners and for those who need a refresher course.

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