I gifted my very lucky husband this toy to a while ago, but it has sat unused since our first attempt. It is well made, with luxurious silicone and a super powerful motor, so there was nothing wrong with it theory. So why in practice did it not work for him? It’s a sad thing to leave a sex toy sitting unloved in a drawer, so we worked out a few ways to work with the LELO HUGO.

Many anal toys for me are designed to be inserted and their shape presses up against the P-spot—very little interaction needed. The Aneros Syn is a great one for this, with a slim size that is easy to handle. The HUGO can work in the same way, but it adds a super powerful vibration and the insertion part has a bulbous shape. It’s the size that can be little intimidating–doable, but something that the uninitiated cannot just jump into.

The L-shape hugs his body when inserted, but it also presents lots of interesting possibilities. Add in the curl-his-toes vibration and that this bad boy becomes way more than just a prostate massager.

hugo1Before diving in, a little foreplay is needed. First I turned the toy on via the handy remote and gently rubbed it up and down his balls. As you know, they are very sensitive, so the lowest setting and a light touch were in order. I turned it so the open end of the ‘L’ shape was facing him and it fits neatly over his balls and down his perineum.

Inserting toys isn’t even necessary to massage the prostate. By pressing the toy against him, between the scrotum and anus, he can feel the vibrations. While not as direct as internal stimulation, this is a great way to get a guy warmed up. Hold it in place with one hand, pressing gently to add and release pressure, or move it in small circles. With the other hand you are free to roam. With a gentle touch, the smooth silicone may not even need lube.

hugo2Next I moved it up to wrap around the base of his penis an moved it slowly up and down. The vibrator is flexible enough to squeeze around the shaft. Leave it there to send the vibrations through the whole penis and tickle his balls. A few gentle touches up and down will have him shivering with pleasure. But don’t stop there—slide the massager up and down. It’s great because it works similar to a sleeve without fully enclosing the penis, so you have a range of movement. And unlike vibrating cock rings, this is not going to strangle his penis it moves up and down.

I began to slide it up and down, teasing him with the intensity. There are a lot of different vibration modes, so experiment which one makes him moan the most. Use one hand to control the toy and the other to caress his balls or stroke his dick. Placing the smooth end right below his head will probably have him screaming with passion. If you want to earn your Partner of the Year Badge, go down on him with the massager wrapped around his penis.

After all this, he was relaxed and ready for whatever I threw at him. The best was that this toy is fantastic as a prostate massager, but just as exciting for the other ways we tried it. But why let him have all the fun? Women can lay the L-shape facing you and the bulbous end will sit on top of your clitoris and wrap around to the back. With a motor on both ends, you will be feeling the vibes through your whole body.

LELO designed the HUGO to be the Swiss Army Knife sex toys. There is a lot you can do with it, so don’t let this pleasure object collect dust! Try something new and let us know if you come across any revolutionary discoveries!

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