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Sex and tech geeks come together! There’s a new vibe in town that is bringing pleasure into the 21st century. MysteryVibe—the creators of the Crescendo vibrator—have harnessed the power of technological advancements and come up with an innovative sex toy that is smart. I have the sneaking suspicion that once you get used to playing with this revolutionary vibrator, you’ll never look at sex toys the same way ever again.

Introducing the MysteryVibe Crescendo

MysteryVibe CrescendoIt’s not like any pleasure product currently on the market. The MysteryVibe Crescendo is crafted to fit virtually any body type. Instead of the typical “dildo” shape, it looks like a tapered, slender finger ready to do your bidding. Its interior structure is designed to bend and mold to your form. I kind of equate to the likes of back vertebrae, where each disc can be independently moved or shaped. This means it can be tailored to fit any mood or style.

Sex Tech

MysteryVibe CrescendoWhen it comes to sex toys, I always try not to judge the book by its cover, so to speak. With the MysteryVibe Crescendo, looks can be deceiving. This state-of-the-art vibe is packed with six hardcore motors that work in tandem with their proprietary App—available for Apple and Android. You are not stuck with strictly using your smartphone to operate the Crescendo, though. The vibe is equipped with speed and pattern buttons on the side.

The App itself has pre-set playlist with an array of vibration patterns not available through its manual setting. It took me a couple of tries, but I eventually found the vibrational patterns that work best for me. That is all part of the fun—exploring the speed and patterns that work best for you. I suggest doing so before lubing up—for your phone’s sake.

Curved Appeal

MysteryVibe CrescendoWhen testing sex toys, it’s important to always keep and open mind, especially with something new. My initial reaction to the MysteryVibe Crescendo was a bit apprehensive. I felt uncertain about the design and how it would work with my body. The vibe felt stiff at first. But once I began manipulating each section, it was easy to create a flowing shape that fit me best. I will say that some configurations worked better than others. But once again, this is what makes this vibe so remarkable—you get to customize the fit and pleasure, or mood.

My favorite formation was bending the tip upward and combining it with the Big Tease App vibration. I joked with my partner and said, “just the tip is all it takes!” This was really great for accessing and stimulating the G-spot. Then, bending the Crescendo at a 90-degree angle works well for clitoral stimulation. I just laid there rubbing it up and down my clit while playing the delicious Pulsing Base setting. Creating a U-shape with the tip slightly bent inward felt just as invigorating. This configuration mixed with Wild Cats resulted in a blended G-spot and clitoral orgasm.

MysteryVibe Crescendo

My partner really enjoyed the fact he could use the MysterVibe Crescendo too. Creating a modified J-shape, we had a lot of fun exploring anal play on him. But what made it even more adventurous was using the random vibe setting on the App. It was a surprise at every turn. The Crescendo’s tapered design opened me up to the idea of extra anal stimulation during doggie. Bending the handle down it was my turn. My partner held the handle and gently inserted just the tip while penetrating me from behind. This made for an exciting session. Next on the list is to try the Crescendo as a couples vibe—I will keep you posted on that adventure.

MysteryVibe Crescendo

Added Features

The MysteryVibe Crescendo is a quality vibe that really holds up to being molded and shaped. Whether you like a minor curve or fully bent, this vibe is up to the task. But the secret weapon is the six independent motors that run inside the vibe. No matter which configuration, the vibe remains consistently powerful throughout. Also, the small silicone tabs can be used in a variety of ways. They MysteryVibe Crescendooffer a gentle fluttering effect which is great for clitoral foreplay. And when used internally, they offer women a fuller feeling. These tabs come in handy for stimulating the tip of a penis too—like the flickering of a tongue.

I really loved what they did with the wireless charger. You can set it down and forget it—no cumbersome plugs to worry about. It was so easy to use and one my favorite features.

Things to Consider

With humps, bumps, ridges, and rims, the MysteryVibe Crescendo has endless possibilities for those looking for the potential to switch things up at a whim. It does take some time to get acquainted with the product. But I assure you, once you get to know the Crescendo, it is easy to create any number of sensations from this single toy. I do, however, encourage users to read the instructions before use. For beginners, I would suggest using the vibe on the manual setting before downloading the App. That way you become more accustomed to using the vibe and not become distracted by the technology.

MysteryVibe Crescendo

Unfortunately, if you’re a size queen, the Crescendo may not offer you that full feeling. Also, if you are used to the overwhelming power of a Magic Wand, then this toy will be an adjustment. But if you’re looking for a powerful vibe for clitoral stimulation or pinpoint G-spot stimulation, then this baby has got your number.

The primary issues I have with this vibe is lube covered hands after changing the shape a few times and a lube covered phone from using the App. Make sure you have a washcloth handy, especially when altering the shape after use. Also, the App: I found the dings and bings a bit annoying after a while and eventually silenced the phone.


  • Fits any body type
  • Great for clitoral and G-spot stimulation
  • 6 motors for all over vibration
  • Programmable patterns and vibrations with the App
  • Endless variety of shapes with unique bending structure
  • Guys will like it too


  • App can be noisy and difficult to use with lubed hands
  • Petite size not good for “full” feeling
  • Not as powerful as bigger toys like the Magic Wand
  • Learning curve to figure out what works best